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Professional university essay ghostwriter website for masters top. L overseer L x w x h L'L'Adriatique, par exemple L'Age ___L'eau lands? Learners collectively set watch beforehand Learning about a hotel in Pakistan city Learning about Italy's principal river Learning by flash cards, Learning by flashcards, e Learning by memorization Learning center Learning ctr. L'eggs competitor L'eggs product L'eggs shade L'eggs wares L'Enfant Plaza designer L'Enfant ___, in Washingt L'Escargot caught up by Italian stallion L'homme over there L'oc L'Op L'Or L'Oreal competitor L's meaning, sometimes L'___ de Triomphe L'___ du Tour (annual cyc L'___ Vogue, Italian fash L'___-deux-guerres (Frenc L, e.g.: Abbr. L-P filler L-shaped tool L-___ (Parkinson's treatm L-___ (treatment for park L. Learning environments Learning level Learning lives of Roman Emperors (earliest only)Learning may be done by i Learning method Learning style Learning system Learning the times table, Learning to race with a female Learns Learns (from)Learns (of)Learns about hosting knight put into 12? Leads on Leads the bidding Leads, as an orchestra Leaf Leaf (through)Leaf - young attendant Leaf apertures Leaf beneath a bloom Leaf bisectors Leaf collection? Learner being trapped began to be alarmed Learner gets comfort, acquiring contract Learner having no really bad habit Learner in game of skill finds jargon Learner in market displaying natural talent Learner restricted by unhappy English art school Learner surrounded by mediocre talent Learner's bold about love Learner's ___Learner-driver and vehicle flipping over in river - disaster! Leading movement written up in publication Leading note; bust icon (anagram)Leading pair in heretic group of mine almost converted Diana Leading pair of competitors, note, at Olympic venue showing spirit Leading pairs eliminated from race came late - very grave situation Leading part in drama, initially Leading pig in Animal Farm Leading player bestriding the French court is chosen Leading politician’s unhappy romance Leading port of old Moroc Leading record label of t Leading resort on the French Riviera Leading Russian in the 32Leading scorer gets more than one record Leading shoot-'em-up comp Leading team getting a cut Leading the field Leading the league Leading the pack Leading the queue Leading to something Leading trio of Hasidim allowed pork product Leading US composer, endless source of historical material Leading woman, Queen Sturgeon's back in Scottish team Leading, as a band Leads Leads (by)Leads (in)Leads for amazingly competent thespians in play Leads for Marilyn Monroe? Leaf feature Leaf gatherer Leaf holder Leaf holders Leaf of a book Leaf opening Leaf part Leaf parts Leaf pore Leaf projection Leaf through Leaf unit Leaf vein Leaf's breathing orifice Leaf's support Leaf-eating insect scourg Leaf-to-branch angle Leaf-turning mo. Learned Learned authority Learned dire tune, composed without name Learned old money is held by European editor Learned on-line technology, like Yahoo, say, is taking over Learned one Learned ones Learned perfectly Learned person Learned rude king elbows out queen Learned things Learned university is infiltrating film companies Learner - one from a part of Austria? Leading man Balls was obtrusively conspicuous Leading man in "The Marry Leading man? Leaflets in series that is withdrawn for a short time Leaflike appendage Leafstalks Leafy course Leafy dish Leafy green Somerset town Leafy plant Leafy shelter Leafy vegetable League division League divisions League for L. Learn fast, maybe Learn if criminal female goes straight Learn secondhand Learn space traveller's fine at present Learn to cope Learn to get along Learn tune having developed artificial intelligence Learn via a third party Learn's partner Learn, say, about Freud? Leading lady Leading lady Laura Leading lady's one appearing in daily Leading letters Leading light from Staffs turned traitor Leading lights in ballet Leading lines? Lean toward Lean, as meat Lean-to Lean-tos Lean-___ (sheds)Lean; slope Leander's love Leander's lover Leandro's love Leandro's love, in a Hand Leandro's partner Leandro's partner in a Ma Leaner Leanest flying kites Leaning Leaning against Leaning letters: Abbr. Leaning tower city Leaning tower site Leaning Tower's city Leaning, as type: Abbr. Leans Leans (on)Leans against Leans toward Leap Leap at the ballet Leap by black fighter Leap for Lipinski Leap in a tutu Leap on a stage Leaped Leapers Leapfrogs Leaping before looking Leaping desert rodent Leaping insect Leaping marsupial Leaps across the ballet s Leaps for Lipinski Leaps in ice-skating Leaps lynxlike Leapt Lear set to be disturbed Shakespearean character Learn Learn (of)Learn a lot quickly Learn a lot, say Learn about Learn about, with "on"Learn by accident Learn by word of mouth Learn completely Learn easily Learn Eve's about to get folk back into bondage? Leading ladies standing up for chief magistrate Leading ladies? League leader League leaders maybe showing some beef League member League members League of Nations seat League part League: Abbr. Leah's dad gives dog a name Leak Leak about German novelist making comeback: Erich Maria Remarque? Leak slowly Leak sound Leak stopper Leaked info set back work during disputes Leakey discovery Leaking Leaking goop Leaks Leaks slowly Leaky Lean Lean (on)Lean against Lean and bony Lean and haggard Lean and lovely Lean and sinewy Lean and strong Lean and tough Lean Cuisine target marke Lean lamb in Spain's traditional starters Lean meat Lean meat source Lean men service leader Lean nurse Lean on me Lean out of empty shack in New York Lean person Lean right, at sea Lean slightly Lean to drink last of fizz, being half-cut in Bow! 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Leaders in Danish economics squander small fortune Leaders in pits Leaders of class struggle Leaders of hives Leaders of nations in Northern Europe — a smallish number Leaders of Rangers Supporters Trust reported someone who might be charged in Providence? Leader’s temper makes contribution to grave situation Leaderless team affected? Leader with a goatee Leader with Roosevelt and Leader's aid Leader's cry, said with a Leader's gift including driving licence, say Leader's liable to be entertained by relative killer Leader's missing island, Rhodes perhaps Leader's name that's etym Leader's place Leader, flipping dope - mad, not all there! Leader of coup deposing prince and extortionist Leader of Exodus boarding ship to follow second prophet Leader of fashion Leader of football's 31-DLeader of France Leader of Green party's accents Leader of historic capital manoeuvring around old banger Leader of Islam Leader of leaders? Leader of men fools the people Leader of philosophical s Leader of pop music's 31-Leader of pre-1917 Russia Leader of reformers' 31-DLeader of Republicans plugging inane plan Leader of revolt liable to be transported Leader of society inclined to be stiff Leader of the Alamo siege Leader of the All-Starr BLeader of the Argonauts, Leader of the Autumn Harv Leader of the Fauvist mov Leader of the Gang, in 70Leader of the Limelites, Leader of the Lost Boys Leader of the Medicine Sh Leader of the Mel-Tones Leader of the One Israel Leader of the pack Leader of the pack hidden Leader of the pack? 1987Leader of the Silver Bull Leader of the squad tried to change step Leader of the Untouchable Leader of thieves is out of time holding up miners, resisting attacks Leader of visible magnitude, apostle converted unbeliever, finally Leader on the field Leader opposed by the Bol Leader overthrown in 1917Leader succeeded by his b Leader to advise duke about campaign medal Leader to call tabloid newspaper’s bluff Leader until 1917Leader who claimed to hav Leader who died 27 days a Leader who said "All reac Leader who said "There is Leader whom Virgil called Leader with 15D? Leader of America and West remains inundated Leader of clan in tartan, serene Leader of Congress? Leader of a flock Leader of a lush life in Leader of a meeting Leader of a musical "gang Leader of Abraham? Leader at sea, reversing car across verge Leader before Lenin Leader born in Georgia Leader called "the Great"Leader called Mahatma Leader Cook steals single with gratitude when batting Leader deposed in 1955Leader ditched extra responsibility Leader ditches uniform for liberal way to move Leader elected in 2005Leader exiled in 1979Leader had name changed Leader having to lead a fool Leader heads here having horse speed right up Leader in 19th-century It Leader in a 1972 summit m Leader in a beret Leader in a holiday song Leader in a robe Leader in ancient Rome Leader in Israel Leader in national affair Leader in old Rome Leader in revolt liable to be transported Leader in sports Leader in Syrian city moves resistance units Leader in Turkey's elected once more Leader in waiting Leader involved in 70's s Leader known for his "lit Leader Mc Ilroy's first shot makes green Leader of 10 essentially guarding area Leader of 7 getting drastically demoted, quits ... "Lead-in to "the above" or Lead-in to -meter Lead-in to a congratulato Lead-in to a questionable Lead-in to a sheepish exc Lead-in to an example Lead-in to bath or powder Lead-in to bow or hike Lead-in to boy Lead-in to boy or girl Lead-in to calculus Lead-in to care Lead-in to fetched or sig Lead-in to fire, trap or Lead-in to further explan Lead-in to girl Lead-in to girl or boy Lead-in to harp or phone Lead-in to law or med Lead-in to Little League Lead-in to many a chef's Lead-in to masochism Lead-in to meter Lead-in to motion Lead-in to multiple last Lead-in to nose or hair Lead-in to nuptial Lead-in to phobia Lead-in to pipe or pit Lead-in to plunk Lead-in to shame or boy Lead-in to some royal nam Lead-in to someone else's Lead-in to tiller Lead-in to wash Lead-in to while Lead-in with angle Lead-ins to holidays Lead-pipe cinch Lead-tin alloy Lead-up to a coup Lead/tin alloy Leaden, in London Leader Leader - line-drawing aid Leader abandons group of soldiers in parade ground Leader after Indian indep Leader against the Aztecs Leader at Indy Leader at OPEC, maybe Leader at Plumpton damaged hoof in this exciting climax? Lead, for one Lead, often Lead-in for -aholic Lead-in for boy or girl Lead-in for breath or tea Lead-in for cat Lead-in for deux, trois o Lead-in for friendly Lead-in for house or wife Lead-in for mouse or will Lead-in for nose or hair Lead-in periods Lead-in to "Five Dollars"Lead-in to "goodbye"Lead-in to "I really shou Lead-in to "pray"Lead-in to "Show me! Lead sharer Lead singer for the Belmo Lead singer of band missing last part of tour Lead singer of group from Angola devouring books Lead singer of Pearl Jam Lead singer of the band BLead singer of the fictio Lead singer with Dawn Lead singer's piece on promenade Lead splitter Lead statistic Lead to mislead, in bridg Lead weight for measuring depth Lead ___Lead ___ life Lead ___-and-dog life (co Lead's counterpart Lead, direct Lead, e.g. Lead ingredients in ten of your sherry trifles Lead is found in Costa Rica Lead isn't much good at this leading business Lead key or bolt, ultimately Lead left separately working out what he expects to get Lead news story Lead offered by 6, not 3Lead ore Lead ores Lead player Lead provider Lead pumper, in old slang Lead putting pressure on bad back Lead role Lead role in "A Chorus Li Lead role in "Hawaii Five Lead role in "La Cage aux Lead role in "The Piano"Lead role in a 60's TV dr Lead role in a classic Ar Lead role in Rimsky-Korsa Lead role on "Providence"Lead role on TV's "Provid Lead seeker: Abbr. Lazy reader's aim presumably is somewhere to sit Lazy sons throw man out of work Lazy speech in sketch with minimum of laughs Lazy Susan Lazy talk, coming from below, about nude seen on one side of ship Lazy types Lazy waters Lazy ___Lazy, heartless, despotic man running a significant business Lazybones Lazybones is uncommonly riled Lazybones pruned top of creeper Lazybones's catchword Lazybones's declaration Lb. Lead in pencil I gather erroneous - this the stuff? Lazy individual shedding pounds and blubber Lazy one, slangily Lazy people Lazy person Lazy person's stairs? Lead from radiator plugs turned as much as brass Lead has one Lead head? Lays to rest Lays turf Lazarus and Goldman Lazarus or Goldman Laze Laze about Laze around with Mrs Zola getting cheeses Laze in the tub Laze, with "out"Lazes Lazily Laziness Lazuline Lazy Lazy - indolent Lazy brother abandoning check Lazy girl? More haste less speed, perhaps Lead compound heals Lead deserters head north Lead down the aisle Lead follower Lead for a Lab Lead from a mountain? Lays off Lays off, with "from"Lays on parties Lays on thick Lays out Lays out insufficient money, disregarding trendy items of clothing Lays siege to Lays the groundwork for? Lead and phosphorus sink Lead and tin alloy Lead astray Lead balloon Lead by the hand Lead ceremoniously Lead character in a Mario Lead character on "Pushin Lead character on "Saved Lead character on TV's "TLead chokes dog? LAX datum LAX guesstimate LAX guesstimates LAX info LAX info: Abbr. Layered Layered building material Layered cookie Layered dessert Layered desserts Layered dish Layered do Layered entree Layered haircut Layered minerals Layered rock Layered sponge cake Layered treats Layers Layers (of rock)Layers of eggs weighing m Layers of paint Layers underground Laying bird Laying down the lawn Laying hold of Laying-on of hands? Laypersons Lays Lays (down)Lays a claim (on)Lays an egg Lays at one's door Lays at the door of Lays away Lays away for good Lays bare Lays claim to Lays down the lawn Lays low? Not lead, it's a metallic element Lead a square dance Lead actor's ageing trendy making SF feature? Lawyers working for bigwig Lawyers' charges Lawyers' grp. Lawyers' requests at tria Lawyers, to Brits Lawyers: Abbr. Lax bloke with broken leg in Northern Ireland LAX clock setting LAX data LAX data: Abbr. LAX monitor info LAX posting LAX posting, for short LAX postings LAX regulators LAX setting LAX to J. Lay down fresh tar Lay down the law Lay elsewhere Lay eyes on Lay flat Lay hold of Lay in a grave Lay in the hot sun Lay in, on the farm Lay into Lay into poor actor: "Simply half-cut"Lay into team at Euros Lay low Lay low? Lay off Lay on Lay on predominantly male party Lay on the beach Lay on the line Lay one's hands on Lay open Lay out Lay out (money)Lay out some newspaper co Lay people? Layabout Layabout left surrounded by booze, losing head Layabouts Layer Layer cake missing top honours from here Layer of a bed Layer of green eggs Layer of matted earth and grass Layer of skin in older man Layer of the earth Layer that scratches Layer with a hole in it Layer within great city Layer's lair Layer? Le Mans and others Le Mans event Le menu word Le Monde article Le Pen's first person aboard rural vehicle on unknown path Le petit prince's home pl Le Pew of cartoons Le Prince de Galles and LLe Quai des Tuileries adj Le Sage's "Gil ___"Le soleil, par exemple Le ___ (Buick model)Le ___ (Paris paper)Le ___ No Le ___ Soleil (Louis XIV)Le ___, France Lea call Leaching product Leachman who won an Oscar Lead Lead - a radioactive element? Lawyer on TV's "Civil War Lawyer put in the picture Lawyer Roy Lawyer Roy and family Lawyer's abbr. Lawyer's argument Lawyer's assignment Lawyer's charge Lawyer's document Lawyer's hairpiece Lawyer's hurdle Lawyer's need Lawyer's org. Lawyers Lawyers in cabinets: Abbr Lawyers make it Lawyers talk about right means of presenting facts Lawyers with many assts. choice LAX watchdog Lay Lay a charge against heartless trooper from the east Lay an egg Lay atop Lay away Lay bare Lay by Lay claim to additional military support Lay claim to stop wedding with gangster Lay concern? Lay turf Lay turf on Lay up Lay waste to Lay ___ (exaggerate)Lay ___ (flop)Lay ___ the line Lay, e.g. and ozs.ld-womanish Le Le Carr Le Carre character George Le Duc Tho's capital Le Duc Tho's city Le Duc ___ (Nobel Peace PLe Figaro article Le Havre honey Le Havre-to-Paris dir. Cool Lawless character Lawless land Lawless role Lawless vehicle Lawless warrior Lawmaker Lawmaking body Lawmaking locale Lawman Earp Lawman Masterson Lawman of the Old West Lawman Wyatt Lawn Lawn additive Lawn and elaborate fringes showing gardening ability Lawn application Lawn ball game Lawn barrow feature Lawn base Lawn bowling Lawn Boy product Lawn care brand Lawn care equipment Lawn care product Lawn care tool Lawn chair material Lawn cutters Lawn decoration Lawn diggers Lawn eyesore Lawn gadget Lawn game Lawn material Lawn moisture Lawn mower brand Lawn mower maker Lawn mower name Lawn mower site Lawn mower's path Lawn mower's spot Lawn party offering Lawn pest Lawn products brand Lawn sculpture, maybe Lawn sprinkler output Lawn starter Lawn starters Lawn tool Lawn tools Lawn wrecker Lawn ___Lawn-Boy alternative Lawn-care products brand Lawn-watering device Lawnlike Lawrence of Arabia portra Lawrence of Arabia's ride Lawrence of the North Dak Lawrence Welk favorites Lawrence Welk specialty Lawrence Welk's "one"/"tw Lawrence's land Laws that can only be broken by an expert Laws ultimately restrict anyone standing around Laws, informally Lawsuit basis Lawyer Lawyer Atticus avoids cra Lawyer coming up with choice of words indicating compulsive behaviour Lawyer Dershowitz Lawyer for king tries cocktail in watering hole Lawyer on the move? Lawyer, at court Lawyer, often, in court b Lawyer/civil-rights activ Lawyer/writer Gardner Lawyer: Abbr. Lawbreaker Lawbreaker with two partn Lawbreakers Lawbreaking Lawful Lawfully represented by member and friend Lawgiver is left in flowing river Lawgivers Lawless Lawless article revolutionary published? Law office employees, inf Law office worker, for sh Law office worker, inform Law official Law or medicine, e.g. Law school class Law school course Law school newbies Law school newcomer Law school newcomers Law school subject Law that’s been passed Law used to fight organiz Law with many parts Law works Law's partner Law, in Lima Law, in Lyon Law, to Lucretius Law-breaking Law-enforcer Law-making body Law-practicing reptile? Law of Retaliation requiring private detective to be replaced? Law of ancient Rome Law of Moses coming from a rocky height - gosh! Law Lord in promotional material cut last item Law man Law man? Laurel from England Laurel of comedy Laurel or Musial Laurel perhaps remaining fresh and vital Laurels Laurence who wrote "Trist Lausanne lies on it Lava lamps and pet rocks, Lava ___Lavatory door sign Lavatory label Lavatory sign Lavender Lavender, for one La Vern Baker's "I Cried _Laverne and Shirley's lan Lavish Lavish affairs Lavish affection (on)Lavish attention (on)Lavish celebration Lavish display Lavish entertainment Lavish meal Lavish parties Lavish party Lavish place occupied by a short Latin American Lavish underground system once operated with everything moving ahead of time Lavished gifts (on)Lavished love (on)Lavishes gifts (on), say Law Law assignment Law assistant, for short Law book (1866)Law breakers, of a kind Law court run by Greek character initially Law curtailed lecture on dirt Law degree Law degs. Law has several changes: someone might be listening! 1985Laura's "La Gioconda" lov Laura's 1960s sitcom hubb Laura's daytime lover Laura's husband in 60's TLaura's lover in "La Gioc Laura's off to catch Izzard in Bowie musical Laura, girl cut out for farming Laureate figure, maybe Laurel and Hardy film wit Laurel and Hardy, e.g. feat Law enforcer since 1873Law firm aide, for short Law firm employee, for sh Law firm employee, inform Law firm hirees, for shor Law firm hotshot Law grp. Weave Laura who wrote "Wedding Laura ___ , Welsh fashion designer, d. Laundry problem Laundry room brand Laundry soap introduced i Laundry stiffener Laundry supply Laundry that's often food Laundry unit Laundry units Laundry whitener Laundry woe Laundry worker's comment Laura Bush biographer Ron Laura Bush's alma mater, Laura Bush's alma mater: Laura Bush's maiden name Laura Bush, ___ Welch Laura of "Blue Velvet"Laura of "I Am Sam"Laura of "Jurassic Park"Laura of "Rambling Rose"Laura or Bruce of film Laura who plays Dr. Laundry detergent brand Laundry frame Laundry implement that mi Laundry item Laundry job Laundry machine Laundry pen, e.g. Launch ___Launched Launcher launched in 1958Launcher's launch Launchers launch them Launches Launches competitions welcoming all-comers Launching a start-up, say Launder Launder ending Laundered Launderer's challenge Launderer's step Launderer, at times Launders, in a way Laundromat appliance Laundromat buy Laundromat loss, maybe Laundromat machine featur Laundry appliance Laundry brand Laundry challenge for a g Laundry cycle supervisor? 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Laud Laudable Laudations Laudatory lines Laudatory lyrics Laudatory poem Laudatory poems Lauder and namesakes Lauder of cosmetics Lauderdale is south of it Lauderdale loafer Lauders Lauds Lauer's hours on TVLaugh Laugh about blunder finally, short sharp sound Laugh about George Bush on campaign battlefront Laugh at board deserving to be loathed Laugh gleefully Laugh half Laugh heartily Laugh in a scornful way Laugh line, e.g. Latvian Latvian capital Latvian present's wrapped, a decoction Latvian, e.g. Latin trio part Latin wings Latin word for earth Latin word in a quotation Latin word in many pocket Latin word in police dram Latin word in police work Latin word on a cornersto Latin word on a dollar bi Latin word on a monument Latin word on a penny Latin word usually abbrev Latin words before a year Latin words of clarificat Latin-American dance Latin-American import Latin-American rattler Latino cry Latino lady Latino sports legend Latino's Yankee buddy Latish bedtime Latish date start Latish lunchtime Latish wake-up time Latitude Latitude taken by compilers of an erudite nature is justified Latitude/longitude shower Latke ingredient Latke ingredients Latte alternative Latte topper Latte variety Latter part of the day Latter-day Aristotle Latter-day Caesar Latter-day Saint Latter-Day Saints Lattices around an island Latticework Latvia and Estonia, once Latvia's capital Latvia, once: Abbr. 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Thurmond Late singer Horne Late singer Mel Late singer named for a DLate Soviet diplomat Dobr Late spring forecast Late stand-up comic Richa Late start at work, maybe Late summer singer Late today Late West Virginia senato Late writer Le Shan Late writer with a 1946 b Late year-end finished with sacking of leader Late Zairean dictator Mob Late ___Late, as a payment Late, great crooner Late, great entertainer Late, great violinist Late, in Le Late, it turns in after me Late, on a report card Late-60's fashion item Late-afternoon traffic, e Late-arriving actor of ol Late-arriving disco singe Late-arriving singer/actr Late-arriving TV detectiv Late-inning pitching, may Late-late hour Late-late-night offering Late-marrying men Late-night beverage Late-night beverages Late-night competitor of Late-night funnyman Late-night host Late-night host Jay Late-night Jay Late-night name Late-night pioneer Late-night regular Late-night show? Late Norwegian king Late partygoers provide their own lights Late philanthropist Joan Late pop singer Franchi e Late princess Late Princess of Wales Late prize-winning San Fr Late puppeteer Lewis Late report as nothing took effect Late riser Late risers Late rocker Barrett Late rocker Ramone Late ruler Mobotu ___ Sek Late San Francisco column Late Saudi king Late Sen. Late newsman Russert Late newsman Sevareid Late night studies Late nobleman? Late Jordanian king Late journalist Cooke Late July babies Late July baby Late July birth Late July delivery Late Kennedy matriarch Late Knight Late late hour Late marathoner Waitz Late Mexican-American voc Late name in Mideast poli Late New York senator Jac Late news Late news? Lasting forever Lasting impression Lasting impression? Lasting marks Lasting periods Lasting quality Lastly, had you take on an extra governess Laszlo player in "Casabla Lat. 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Latched, in a way Latches Late Late 11th-century year Late 1920s to around 1950Late 1940s event, in head Late 1940s to about 1990Late 19th Century men Late 20th-century cultural and philosophical movement Late 20th-century style Late actor Davis Late actor has shifted tree to the left Late actor Robert of "I SLate actress Uta Late actress who was on "Late advice columnist Lan Late afternoon Late afternoon church service Late afternoon on a sundi Late afternoon, typically Late afternoon, usually Late astronomer Carl LATE AUTHOR-HUMORISTLate Baroque artistic style Late baroque style Late bedtime Late beloved entertainer Late bloomer Late bloomer? Susanna Last word in a showman's Last word in a threat Last word in a wrestling Last word in an ultimatum Last word in many company Last word in shampoo inst Last word in the Lord's PLast word in the New Test Last word in the Pledge o Last word of "America the Last word of "America, th Last word of "Angela's As Last word of "For He's a Last word of "Ulysses"Last word of a January 1 Last word of Kansas' mott Last word of Missouri's m Last word of Romeo or Jul Last word of Shelley's "ALast word of the golden r Last word of the year, of Last word? Last ___Last's correlative Last, in Le Last, to Luigi Last-call request Last-column element on th Last-ditch effort Last-minute birthday reco Last-minute ticket acquir Last-place team's infield Last-second bidder on e Ba Last: Abbr. and Ukr., onc Latch (onto)Latch pieces Latch ___Latch ___ (get)Latched Latched on to jockey - it's eventful! Last three bits of glass thrown back in cart Last to be dismissed, first catch Last two letters in listed novel written in non-naturalistic way Last under use or erode u Last wife of Bluebeard Last word after cricket match, requirement finally for proof Last word before someone Last word before the gave Last word for the defense Last word from a director Last word heard on New Ye Last word in "Oh! 1714Last Stuart ruler Last Supper attendee Last Supper cup Last Supper guest Last Supper item Last Supper query Last Supper question Last team coached by Leo Last team managed by Case Last test before starting Last thing Last thing a fellow actor Last thing said before di Last things? Last sign Last six lines of a sonne Last song recorded by the Last sound some bugs hear Last Spanish king before Last stage of insect deve Last stand for Travis and Last step at a bakery Last step in cleaning Last stops Last straw Last Stuart monarch Last Stuart monarch, d. Last ruler of the Julio-CLast ruler of the Ptolema Last seen in the public pool, mamma went for a splash Last Shakespearean character Last shogunate capital Last shot? Last movement of a sonata Last mustachioed presiden Last name in comedy Last name in cosmetics Last name in cruelty Last name in fashion Last name in horror Last name in ice cream Last name in mysteries Last name in mystery Last name in sharpshootin Last name in spydom Last name in the meat ind Last name in TV talk Last name of Dickens's Li Last name of father-and-s Last name of Henry VIII's Last name of Kipling's Ki Last name of twin gymnast Last names separator Last non-A. year Last number in a column Last number in a countdow Last of 26Last of a Latin trio Last of a list Last of a Monday-to-Frida Last of a series Last of all Jack London wrote, "Farewell planet" and rested Last of articles in illuminated catalogue Last of ascetic and devout desert mystics seeing doctors Last of dogs with docked tail Last of heated wax a source of risk Last of junk IT equipment Last of Limburger I'm scared to smell Last of Mohicans below ground in place on 24Last of money on account invested in reminder to put on his evacuated bloomers Last of Nordhoff and Hall Last of our media men dispersed Last of Piesporter in smooth, round bottle Last of the Athenian characters Last of the French? Last of the Stuarts Last of tiles taken from unique fireplace Last offer Last offers Last Olds ever made Last Oldsmobile car Last Oldsmobile made Last Oldsmobile to be mad Last on tap drunk after giving birth Last one million invested in river processing Last page Last part Last part (appropriately)Last part learned in upright position Last part of a paint job Last part: nurse about to suffer Last person, professional Last pharaoh of Egypt's FLast picture in an alphab Last piece of pineapple in crushed tin can is well out-of-date Last place Last place to be single? Last Pope Gregory Last Pope to be sainted Last position Last question in this puz Last report on the evenin Last request, part 1Last resort in poker, oft Last ride? Last in the class Last installment of "The Last item Last Julio-Claudian emper Last king of a united Isr Last king of Albania Last king of Egypt Last king of the united SLast kipper tie in range is exaggerated Last leg, erecting housing for three-year-old event Last letter Last letter in Leeds Last letter in London Last letter in radio ling Last letter of a pilot's Last letter, in London Last letters Last letters, in England Last line in a riddle Last lines Last love's lost by lover boy in this city Last maiden to prepare for a new engagement? Last moment to prepare Last month Last month's speaker, one offering elaboration? Last in a series Last in line, usually Last in seq. Jul Last governor of New Neth Last Greek consonant Last Greek letter Last herb in a Simon & Ga Last in a line Last in a long line Last in a sequence: Abbr. Last footballing tie Last frame, sometimes Last full month of summer Last full year of St. Yes, cowboy-style with gold backing Lassoed Lassos Last Last "course" of a spicy Last added words Last Army rank of 39-Acro Last article in the Const Last article of the U. Last Beatles album Last bit of tiring ramble in wood Last bits of boring seminar are exceptionally dull Last budget category, usu Last call Last call? No suspect Last costume at a costume Last course Last czarina of Russia Last decade of a century Last degree Last demons ruined last in convent Last digit in a price, of Last document by Shakespeare Last drink cheers Last drop of rain falling from isolated succulent Last dynasty of China Last empress of Brazil Last episode in a Monday-Last exposure and future picture do this Last film directed by Cec Last First Lady of the U. Largest city in Nebraska Largest city in Nigeria Largest city in Nordrhein Largest city in Pakistan Largest city in Quebec Largest city in Syria Largest city in the Germany state of Saxony Largest city in the Palestinian West Bank Largest city in the state Largest city on Belgium's Largest city on the Illin Largest city on the islan Largest city paper in the Largest college fraternit Largest continent Largest Cornhusker city Largest country in Africa Largest country of Central America Largest county of Nevada Largest deer identified by the Spanish king Largest desert Largest dwarf planet in t Largest employer in Newto Largest geological divisi Largest Greek island, to Largest in scope Largest island of Japan Largest island of the Inner Hebrides Largest known dwarf plane Largest labor union in th Largest lake in Australia Largest lake in central ELargest land animal Largest land carnivore Largest moon in the solar Largest moon of Neptune Largest moon of Saturn Largest moon of Uranus Largest of a septet Largest of seven Largest of the ABC island Largest of the Balearic Islands Largest of the British Vi Largest of the Canary Isl Largest of the Cyclades Largest of the Inner Hebrides Largest of the Ionian Islands Largest of the planets Largest of the Virgin Isl Largest portion (2 wds.)Largest river of Pakistan Largest seaport on the Ad Largest tenant of Pittsbu Largest tributary of the Largest U. Lassie, for one Lassitude Lasso Lasso loop Lasso part Lasso rope Lasso user Lasso-like? Last Chance Gulch city Last character in churches gives nationality Last character in repechage, mostly upset Last character to be driven out of Cornish town as punishment Last characters in Staines dressed up in the highest of fashion Last choice on a question Last choice on some lists Last Cluedo room's empty? Large town Large transporter Large travelling bag Large tropical growth Large truck Large trucks Large tub Large tubs Large UK cinema chain Large uncontrolled fire Large upper room with Eastern ornamental pattern Large vases Large vein in the neck Large voracious fish Large vulture Large wader Large wading bird Large waiting area Large wardrobe Large wardrobe - more air Large warship Large wasp Large water bird Large water jug Large watercourse Large wave of misfortune in part of Hull Large weight lifters Large weighty book Large wine bottle Large wooded area Large woody perennial Large work building Large yard, perhaps Large ___ Collider (CERN Large's opposite Large, at Starbucks Large, capacious Large, colorful butterfly Large, hairy creatures Large, hard spherical sweet Large, having consumed seconds, go without food Large, in bold: TREASURELarge, in commercial ling Large, meaty mushroom Large, shaggy, brown bison Large, shallow lake in north central Africa Large-billed bird Large-billed sea bird Large-caliber weapons Large-eyed animal showing spirit on tree climbing, but not quite reaching the top Large-eyed lemur Large-headed nail Large-hearted religious woman Large-intestine resident Large-oared craft on a sh Large-print edition of th Large-scale Large-scale choral work Large-scale conflict Large-scale emigration Large-scale flight Large-scaled game fish Largely at sea Largely fashionable writer taking time in part of London Largely green kingdom Largely Muslim capital ci Largely original company painting Largely tolerate flash woman Largemouth or smallmouth Larger Larger than extra-large Larger than life Larger than normal Larger than quarto Larger than usual, like Henry VIIILarger ___ life Larger-than-life Larger-than-life figures Largesse Largesse recipient Largest asteroid Largest bird Largest bird in the Ameri Largest Caribbean island Largest citrus fruit Largest city in Md. Lass's friend Lass's mate Lassie creator Knight Lassie's coat Lassie's lid Lassie's mate Lassie, e.g. Large tomb Large top quality mushrooms served up as dish of the day? Lash Lash components the wrong way round Lash locale Lash mark Lash of "Law of the Lash"Lash of bygone westerns Lash of oaters Lash of old westerns Lash of westerns Lash out at Lash site Lash thickener Lash with a whip Lash ___ of old westerns Lash ___, who played the Lashed Lashed (up)Lashes Lashes into a fury Lass Lass specified madras? Large piglike animal Large pipes Large pitcher Large place where elks ga Large plane Large planes have two Large plant announced a radical slimming down Large plant leaves whispered in concord Large pointed tooth Large powerful dog Large prawns Large predator Large prehistoric stone Large primate Large quantities Large quantities of laugh Large quantity Large quantity of writing Large ray Large real estate purchas Large red hog with droopi Large reference book Large reference work Large religious service I have joined Large reptile Large retail store Large river mouth Large rock Large room Large room serving brewed drink Large sandpiper Large sea Large sea bird Large sea creature Large sea ducks Large sea wave Large sea wave caused by an earthquake Large seabird Large señoritas excited old French right-wingers Large section in an atlas Large semi-aquatic vole Large semiaquatic snake Large sharp tooth Large shell Large shoe size Large shoe specification Large shoe width Large shop Large shops Large shrimp Large size; sublimity Large snake Large sniper drunk lager Large southern constellat Large spanner with one adjustable jaw Large specimen unopened Large specimen with top cut off Large spider Large spiral shell Large spoon Large spotted feline Large stack of hay Large stain Large star system Large steps Large stone Large strong bag with handles or shoulder strap Large strong bags Large strong box Large structure Large sturgeon Large sum not declared, apparently Large swallows Large system of newsgroup Large tank Large tent Large terrier Large time piece? Lascivious Lascivious look Lascivious lookers Lascivious looks Lascivious sorts Lascivious type Laser alternative Laser beam target Laser element Laser gas Laser light Laser output Laser paper option Laser printer powder Laser surgery targets Laser ___Laser Jet 2100, e.g. Large figures of business deficit - I closed Large fish, maybe, to a f Large fish-eating bird of prey Large fishing hook Large fishing nets Large fleet Large fleet of planes Large flightless birds Large food fish Large food tunas Large French country house Large fruit Large fruit left out before day went past Large furniture maker knocks up large quant­ities, probably Large furniture van Large gem in the Smithson Large German or Austrian sausage Large German sausage Large goblet Large goose Large gourd Large green moth Large green vegetable Large grey rain cloud Large group Large group in a 23-Acros Large group of people Large group's brief that sets out course Large grouping Large gully Large hairy spider Large hall Large heavy knife Large herbivore Large hill finally converted to small one Large horse-drawn vehicle used to carry passengers and mail Large hot spot Large house Large hovering insect Large hunted animals Large in scale Large indefinite number Large insect found behind mother Large institute with faculty debt Large intestine Large iron hook Large Japanese noodles Large jazz group Large jug Large jugs Large kingdom Large knife Large knives Large lake bordering on Peru and Bolivia Large lemur Large lizard Large load Large long-legged bird Large luggage box Large lump Large luxurious car Large macaroni Large male elephant Large mammal Large mammal, for short Large mansion Large marble Large marine herbivore Large marine reptile Large Mediterranean island Large metal pot Large milk can Large miner's tatty loafer Large monkeys Large motorboat Large mythical birds Large nail Large naval ship Large net used for fishing Large nonvenomous snake Large northern deer Large number Large number briefly repulsed, note Large number suffix Large numbers Large ocean Large open car with folding top Large open container Large openings Large or small, grammatic Large order of morning dr Large pachyderm Large pad for presentations Large parrot Large part of a waiter's Large part of a world atl Large party of press men introduced to social gathering Large pear Large pebble Large percussion instrument Large piano Large pieces of cabbage? union Largest US state Largest venomous snake Largest volcano in Europe Larghetto Largish animals with blac Largish combo Largish combos Largish deer Largish musical group Largo and lento Lariat Lariat in the Southwest Lariat loop Lariat material Lariat user Lariat's end Lark Lark about rattling chains or being out of time Lark look-alike Larklike bird Larrup Larrups Larry & Carrie's favorite Larry & Nicolas's favorit Larry Adler's instrument Larry and Curly's chum Larry Bird was one Larry King employer Larry King has a few Larry King's channel Larry Mc Murtry novel made Larry O'Brien Championshi Larry of 70's-80's baseba Larry of the Black Arts TLarry or Louise on "Bewit Larry who played Tony in Larry who won the 1987 Ma Larter of "Heroes"Larva case Larva of the furniture beetle Larva successor Larva-to-adult transition Laryngitis symptom Las Cruces-to-Santa Fe di Las Palmas locale Las Vegas attraction, wit Las Vegas bride, often Las Vegas figures Las Vegas groom, often Las Vegas landmark Las Vegas locale Las Vegas newspaper, with Las Vegas staple Las ___Las ___ (capital of Gran Las ___ Filipinas Las ___, Canary Islands Lasagna cheese Lasagna cheese, sometimes Lasagne's gone off, I see - get some medicine La Salle of "ER"La Salle or De Soto Lascaux paintings, e.g. Large destructive fire Large dinosaur Large dish Large diving bird Large dock arranged private security measure Large dog (2 wds.)Large dong one's confused with a "far out" snout Large dragonfly Large dried grape Large drinking bowl Large duck Large duke suddenly starts confining guards Large eagle dropping left, beyond in descent Large elaborate meal Large estate Large ethnic group from eastern South Africa Large expanse of sea Large farm Large feather Large feline Large field of dirt? Large dangerous fire Large decks Large deer Large deer-hunting group? Large continent Large copier Large country Large creature on stone in sea at Calais Large crested lizard Large crock Large crustacean Large cushion for sitting on; child's plaything Large cushions started to go in the middle - a lot! Laplander, maybe Lapse Lapse of memory Lapsed Laptop feature, for short Laptop key Laptop readout Laptop tested aboard the Lapwing - ie wept Lara's son, in DC Comics Laramie's state: Abbr. Lard Lard deal Lard holder Lard source Larder Laredo or Nuevo Laredo Laredo-to-Fort Worth dir. Large amphibian Large and different rocks brought by glacial action Large and heavy Large and heavy-looking Large and petite Large and unwieldy Large Andean lake Large animal, in short Large antelope Large ape Large area of land Large area of land or what might be seen on it Large area of woodland Large artery Large Asian fish Large baboon Large bag containing real dancing bear Large band playing classical music Large bar code, lines blurred Large barrel Large basket Large baskets Large bay Large bays Large bed ordered? Large beer mug Large beetle — such regularly chased by Egyptian, say Large beetle destructive of vegetation - frock cache Large bell sound Large bell's sound Large bill Large bill, slangily Large bills, informally Large bird Large bird of prey Large bird of the Andes Large bird of the crow family Large bird with a loud sc Large black bird Large black-and-white herbivorous mammal Large blood vessel Large blunt needle Large boa Large boat Large bodies of water Large body in Washington, Large body of troops Large body of water Large boiling pot Large book Large bore Large bottle Large bottle enclosed in wickerwork Large bowl Large bowl for holding dr Large bra feature Large brass instrument Large bread roll Large bright meteor Large broad bay Large brown algae Large brown seaweed Large building Large bulrush Large bundle of notes perhaps paid to release suspect broadcast Large but indefinite number Large cabinet Large cactus Large calibre gun Large cars equipped with one metre gauges Large carvings [Ford]Large case of alcohol causing death Large cask Large cat Large cat with black stripes Large chain Large chamber group Large church Large circle adopting northern game Large citrus fruit Large coarse fern Large coffee holder Large coffee maker Large commercial enterprises, collectively Large common seabird Large container Large container of brass? Language of Kuala Lumpur Language of Lahore Language of Libya Language of Literature No Language of Maria, excited to be hugged by Bill Language of medic Language of Mexico Language of New Zealand Language of NW France Language of Pakistan Language of paper supporting sarcastic fellow leaving Punch Language of Sri Lanka Language of SW France Language of Syria Language of the 1983 film Language of the British ILanguage of the Eddas Language of the Hindustan Language of the Koran Language of the Omahas Language of Wales Language of West Africa Language OK for Willi and Virginia Language once known as Ca Language operates poorly without noun Language organ Language quintet comprisi Language quirk Language related to Finni Language related to Malay Language related to Urdu Language related to Winne Language related to Xhosa Language retained by church in difficulty Language sound unit Language spoken by Jesus Language spoken in Assam, Language spoken in Dingwa Language spoken in Storno Language spoken in Tashke Language spoken on Pandor Language study topic Language suffix Language test went up by a penny Language that contains no Language that gave us "ka Language that gave us "ki Language that gave us "pa Language that gave us the Language that reads the s Language that treats "dz"Language traditional in Government, to some extent Language used by inhabitant on Guernsey Language used by people in Pennsylvania has a continuous trilling sound they say Language used by rajah in Didwana Language used by writer's expressive Language used in Nairobi boulevards? Language whose alphabet s Language with 44 consonan Language with mostly mono Language with no known re Language with no word for Language writer Partridge Language written in Persi Language written with no Language; jargon Languages Languages such as Hebrew, including old study of signs Languish Languish, flag Languished Languishes Languishes in confinement Languishes in the lockup Languor Lanky guy at first catching fish Lansing-to-Detroit dir. Lantern fuel Lantern-jawed celeb Lanthan- suffix Lantz of the 1960s-'70s NLao-Tzu's "way"Lao-tzu's "___ Te Ching"Lao-tzu's way Lao-___Laon's department Laos's locale Laos's ___ Prabang Laotian language group Laotian money Laotians, e.g. That's foremost way to get fit Lap dog Lap dog, for short Lap dog, informally Lap dog, maybe Lap dogs Lap path, perhaps Lap yapper Lap, maybe Lapel adornment Lapel insert Lapel item, sometimes Lapel label Lapidarist's weight unit Lapidary, at times Lapis lazuli Lapland peninsula Laplander Laplander, e.g. Large adjustable spanner Large advert Large African antelope Large African antelope with long straight horns Large African expanse Large African mammal, in short Large American vulture Large amount Large amount of fudge? Large amount of money Large amount of stew Large amounts Large amounts of corporal punishment! Language of 350 million Language of 366 million Language of 380 million Language of 800 million Language of ancient Carth Language of Cape Town Language of central Mexic Language of Delhi Language of East Africa Language of Egypt Language of email service without vowels Language of girl initially harsh Language of India Language of India with a Language of Indochina Language of Islamabad Language of Kathmandu Language of Kenya Language of Kenya: Abbr. Language name suffix Language named for a math Language needing clarification - plain English! Langtry of the stage Language Language — almost all I wish to be translated Language akin to Kalaalli Language akin to Tahitian Language akin to Urdu Language akin to Yupik Language along the Mekong Language assimilated by pupil in Gordonstoun Language authority Mario Language blooper Language branch containin Language chairman needs in management Language closely related Language coming from artless earthlings Language conversion Language derived from Hin Language descended from a Language ending Language establishing an audible bond Language expert Language expert leaving heather in part of Scotland Language family including Language family that incl Language fashionable — impudence intended to be humorous Language for 350 million Language for the masses Language from some personnel in Government Language from which "amok Language from which "diva Language from which "galo Language from which "gumb Language from which "hash Language from which "jute Language from which "kaya Language from which "kiwi Language from which "loot Language from which "mako Language from which "Minn Language from which "Nebr Language from which "pemm Language from which "safa Language from which "sky"Language from which "spun Language from which "thug Language from which lemon Language from which many Language group containing 14 & 15 across Language group including Language group that inclu Language in extremely old church converted into American Language in Lahore Language in New Delhi Language in Rawalpindi Language in the Dead Sea Language in which "k" and Language in which "kemosa Language in which plurals Language known to native Language lesson is needed, primarily, before travel Language linked to the Y2Language mangler Language maven Partridge Language most extreme characters used in Westminster? unit Lange island of the Malay archipelago Langley outfit Langley, e.g.: Abbr. Langston Hughes poem Langston Hughes's "___ Un Langston Hughes, e.g. Landlord's record Landlord's schedule Landlord's sign Landlord's ultimatum? Landlords' due Landmark in Elvis Presley Landmark in Trafalgar Square Landmark inaugurated 3/31Landmark made with blocks Landmark near the Arno Landmark near the pyramid Landmark Newport mansion, Landmark on the Chicago s Landon from Kansas Landon of politics Landon who lost to F. Lane who played Detroit Lane with lines Lanford Wilson's "The ___Lang follower Lang. Land west of Nod Land west of the Pacific Land west of Togo Land west of Vietnam Land west of Wales Land where Moses died Land where the air is thi Land with a cavalry in Ez Land with a queen in King Land with a red dragon on Land with chinchillas Land with half of Mount ELand with inexperienced leader is OKLand without a lot of luggage Land worker Land ___ (bargain-hunt su Land's end Land, as a big one Land, as a fish Land, eventually Land, in another land Land, in Lyon Land-clearing device Land-locked national Land-use regulators Landed Landed (on)Landed a haymaker Landed estate Landed manor Landed peasant in pre-191Landed properties Landed property Lander at Arlanda Lander at Ben Gurion Lander at Ben-Gurion Lander at J. K., once Landers and others Landers with advice Landfall for Ponce de Le Landfill fill Landfill's emanation Landing Landing area Landing area with illumination Landing craft: Abbr. Landing locale Landing piers Landing place Landing place for private Landing place for Santa Landing place on a roof Landing places Landing site Landing site of 4/1/45Landing stage Landing stage for cargo Landing strip constructor Landing ___Landings Landlady hiding first part of takings in dress in rundown area Landlocked African countr Landlocked Asian Landlocked Balkan country Landlocked European Landlocked land Landlocked land of 12 mil Landlocked land of Africa Landlocked Muslim land Landlocked southern African country, capital Gaborone Landlocked ___ Sea Landlord Landlord boss’s pre-printed stationery Landlord of Lucy and Rick Landlord payments Landlord's check Landlord's due Landlord's due line out of home for new lease extension Landlord's entitlement Landlord's income Landlord's need Landlord's paperwork Landlord's problem? Landon who ran for presid Landowner mostly shy about status Landowner’s manner welcomed by lord Lands a few blows in a deceptively promising period Lands around mansions Lands in the Persian Gulf Lands in water Lands on the Persian Gulf Lands' End competitor Lands' End rival Lands, as a fish Landscape feature of two hectares Landscape features Landscaper gets aroused by erotic performers Landscaper's aid Landscaper's crew Landscaper's job Landscaper's locale Landscaper's need Landscaper's project Landscaper's roll Landscaper's supply Landscaper's tool Landscapers' concerns Landscapers' tools Landscaping aid Landscaping plants Landscaping screen Landscaping supplies Landscaping tool Landscaping tools Landslide Landslide election winner Landslide ___ (impolite p Lane Lane changer's danger Lane co-worker at the Dai Lane in a mall Lane in Hollywood Lane in Metropolis Lane in the main Lane Kirkland of the AFL-Lane marking Lane of "Superman"Lane of the Daily Planet Lane on Broadway Lane pain? Land that declared its in Land that won its indepen Land that's around 16% Mu Land that's largely deser Land that's more than 90%Land that's mostly sand Land that's saluted in th Land to be developed Land to build a house on Land to which Cain fled Land under a king or queen Land under Down Under: Ab Land unit Land units Land used for crops Land user of yore Land west of Britain Land west of Eng. Land on the Mediterranean Land on the Red Sea Land on the Rubicon Land on the Sea of Azov: Land on the Strait of Hor Land on the Yellow Sea Land once known as Serend Land once ruled by the Ha Land or borough in Holland for Spooner Land owner's document Land parcel Land rover Land seemed neglected around north Land shared by Iraq and ILand south of Egypt Land south of Hadrian's WLand south of Judah Land south of Kashmir Land subjugated by 106-Do Land surrounded by water Land SW of Uru. Land of Pap Land of peace and simplic Land of photography Land of poetry Land of Robert Burns Land of sentimental verse Land of shamrocks Land of the Chosen people Land of the descendants o Land of the eland Land of the leprechauns Land of the llama Land of the Midnight Sun Land of the pharaohs Land of the Rising Sun Land of the so-called "Tr Land of the Tigris and Eu Land of Tralee Land of Wahhabis Land of which Burns fondl Land office map Land on a high plateau Land on a peninsula Land on the Arabian Penin Land on the Bay of Biscay Land on the end of a peni Land on the Gulf of Finla Land on the Med. Land of Leonidas Land of leprechauns Land of Lima and llamas Land of literature Land of luxury makes Willy different in age Land of Molly Bloom Land of O'Kelly and O'Kee Land of Opportunity? Land of Killarney Land of King George Tupou Land of kings Rama I to VLand of laughs? Land of 300 islands Land of a billion Land of a Million Elephan Land of a particular type Land of amore Land of Blarney Land of Canaan Land of elves Land of Ephesians Land of Ephesus Land of Esau's descendant Land of fairies Land of Hope? Land north of Latvia Land O Lakes product Land o' blarney Land o' leprechauns Land o' the Irish Land O'Lakes product Land of "20,000 Leagues ULand of 13,500 islands Land of 147 mill. Land in l'Atlantique Land in l'oc Land in la mer Land in le Pacifique Land in Rome Land in S. Land in the Barbary Wars Land in the Colosseum Land in the Seine Land in the Thames Land in two pieces Land in un fleuve Land in un lac Land in which men wear sk Land invaded by Italy, 19Land is endlessly sacred Land it - airman flying with United Airlines, primarily Land map Land map part Land mass from the Atlantic to the Urals Land mass within has title deed redrafted Land measure Land measures Land mine, e.g. Land in a Gauguin landsca Land in a river Land in a stream Land in ancient Rome Land in Asia, mainly, as occasional flier Land in C. Lewis's "Ch Land in Genesis Land in hospital — yuk! Lance in law Lance of the bench Lance on a bench Lance on the bench Lance ___ (U. and Mex Land bird Land bordered by the Cong Land bordered by the Meko Land bordering ancient Ly Land bordering Bhutan Land bordering Greece: Ab Land bordering Mesopotami Land bridge Land called "Mizraim" in Land called Mizraim in th Land colonized by ancient Land conquered by Conquis Land crumbling into sea Land cut off by water Land design? Land divided at the 38th Land document Land down under? Land east of the Urals Land famous for its lyric Land fish, catching two, including first of skate Land for a house Land for grazing is beyond river Land fowl Land from which Moses cam Land grant, of a sort Land heavily Land hopper Land in a depression Land in a foreign land? Lanai ladies Lanai neighbor Lanai serving Lanai's county Lancashire city Lancashire seaside resort Lancaster Lancaster foe Lancaster's illegitimate according to inheritance Lance Lance Armstrong foundatio Lance cpl.'s grp. Land at the edge of water Land beside the sea Land between Can. Lampshade blemish Lampshade shade, perhapslams, say LAN system Lanai Lanai and Maui: Abbr. rank)Lancelot and others Lancelot lover Lancelot player in "Camel Lancelot player, 1995Lancelot portrayer, 1967Lancelot's attire Lancelot's son Lances Lanchester of film Lancia competitor, for sh Land Land (on)Land - there's failure to include it within the borders of Turkey Land above the RLand above the Rio Grande Land across from Gibralta Land also at sea Land alternative Land around the Brahmaput Land at a Spanish airport Land at an Italian airpor Land at Orly? Lament, part 2Lament, part 3Lament, part 4Lamentation Lamentations Lamented Lamented the loss of Lamenter's question Lamenting cry Lamenting poem Laments Laments loudly Laments the loss of Laminated plastic Laminated safety glass Lamont Library locale Lamont ___, a k a The Sha Lamp Lamp filament metal Lamp filler Lamp locale Lamp locales Lamp site Lamp sites Lamp type Lampblack Lampoon Lampoon; firework Lampooned Lampoons Lamprey Lamprey relatives Lamprey ___Lampreys Lampreys, e.g. Lament about surprisingly barren bush Lament appearing in public, a mistake Lament awful, but entertaining head of government Lament bringing up part of crossword, Serpent's fifth Lament delay, netting a pound where fortune's sought Lament for the dead Lament loudly Lament of Lady Capulet Lament on a washed-up cel Lament singular country expressed? Lame Lame ducks Lame excuse Lame excuse for missing h Lame gait Lame man rights wrong Lamebrain Lamebrain, in slang Lamebrained Lament Lament about fate inside - plot for one missing green, green grass of home? Lamarr of film Lamb : ewe :: ___ : mare Lamb : sheep :: kid : ___Lamb alias Lamb by another name Lamb Chop enlivener Lewis Lamb Chop's mentor Lamb chops accompanier Lamb ma'am Lamb not found on a farm Lamb or Bacon Lamb or Bacon piece Lamb or veal chop Lamb output Lamb piece Lamb pieces Lamb product Lamb products Lamb specialty Lamb's "Essays of ___"Lamb's alias Lamb's coat Lamb's cover Lamb's dad Lamb's dam Lamb's father Lamb's kin Lamb's lament Lamb's lettuce - Dan's carol Lamb's mama Lamb's meat made of build Lamb's mom Lamb's mother Lamb's nom Lamb's output Lamb's pen namelamb's place Lamb's pseudonym Lamb's sobriquet Lamb's sound Lamb's tendency to get left in the middle Lamb, e.g. Try it without salt, initially Lambaste Lambaste verbally Lambaste, slangily Lambastes Lambasting Lambda followers Lambert Airport code Lambert Airport locale: ALambert airport's home: ALamborghini alternative Lambs bite lions? Lambs' kin Lambs' laments Lambs' mamas Lambs' moms Lambs' mothers Lambs: Lat. Lairs Laissez-faire Laissez-faire doctrine Laissez-faire type? Not sailor from African country Laissez-___Lake - French mother Lake activity Lake along which I-90 run Lake at the foothills of Lake bordered by four sta Lake bordered by Malawi, Lake bordering four state Lake by Alps with Italian viewpoint Lake cabins, often Lake catch Lake Chapala's state Lake craft Lake crosser Lake District town Lake Erie city west of Cl Lake Erie feeder Lake Erie-to-Lake Ontario Lake formed by glaciation Lake former, perhaps Lake Geneva feeder Lake Geneva spa Lake I located in one capital city or another Lake in old colony, as Africans changed name to Malawi Lake in Tanzania included in many a safari Lake Indian Lake Indians Lake is home to river fish Lake Kyoga locale Lake life Lake Michigan arm Lake Michigan explorer Je Lake Michigan port Lake name of two Olympics Lake named after an India Lake named for an Indian Lake near Jacobs Field Lake near Niagara Falls Lake near river, oddly drained Lake next to Avon Lake Lake north of Milan Lake of "Hairspray"Lake of Emerson, Lake & PLake of Emerson, Lake and Lake of Four Forest Canto Lake of Geneva resort Lake of rock's Emerson, LLake of the Four Forest CLake of the Ozarks feeder Lake of the Ozarks river Lake of TVLake Okeechobee's state: Lake on the California/Ne Lake on the edge of Kazak Lake or pond Lake rental, maybe Lake Superior attraction Lake Superior port Lake Tahoe state Lake Tanganyika discovere Lake that feeds Niagara FLake that feeds the Truck Lake that is a source of Lake that James Fenimore Lake that sounds spooky Lake Thun's river Lake Titicaca's range Lake touching four states Lake tribe Lake Victoria circumnavig Lake Volta locale Lake Volta's country Lake Volta's locale Lake whose name means "bi Lake Wobegon's locale: Ab Lake ___Lake ___ (Blue Nile sourc Lake ___ Beach, N. Lakeshore rental, perhaps Lakota speaker Lallygagged Lallygags Lam Lama, e.g. Lady of La Mancha Lady of Lammermoor Lady of Le Lady of Lima Lady of Lisbon Lady of Portugal Lady of rank Lady of Sp. Laffit ___ Jr., thoroughb Lag Lag behind Lag with a bituminous covering Lagasse of the Food Netwo Lager brand Lager holder Lager lass and editor upended into coffee Lager sources Lager, for example Lager-swilling female somewhat regretted alcoholism, on reflection Lagerl Laggard Laggard, informally Lagged Lagginglago Lago composition Lago contents Lago d'Orta locale Lago feeder Lago filler Lagomorphic leapers Lagoon area Lagoon encloser Lagoon locale Lagoon perimeter Lagoon spread over wicket, hence embarrassing score Lagoon surrounder Lagoon's boundary Lagoons' surroundings Lags La Guardia and others Laguna composition Laguna Veneta borderer Lah followers Lah-di-___Lahore garb Lahore's river Lahr co-star of 1939Lahr of "The Wizard of Oz Lahr who played the Cowar Laid bathroom flooring Laid bets at a casino Laid eyes on Laid low Laid off Laid off, as workers Laid on generously Laid out a club, maybe Laid some tiles Laid to rest Laid up Laid, as a bathroom floor Laid, as a floor Laid-back Laid-back attempt at humour with original approach Laid-back number note discussion about computer network Laid-back quality Laid-back sort Laid-back team leader joining party that should bring the house down Laid-back, personalitywis Laila who dances in and o Laine of jazz Lair Laird can stand for chief Laird left, having an unhappy experience Laird or thane? Lake ___ College, in 16-ALake ___, created by Hoov Lake ___, discovery of Lo Lake ___, head of the Blu Lake ___, largest lake in Lake ___, lowest point in Lake ___, outlet of the MLake ___, reservoir on th Lake ___, separating Swit Lake ___, source of the MLake ___, south of London Lake ___, Switzerland/Fra Lake ___, third-largest l Lakefront home feature Laker Shaq Laker star Shaquille Lakers star Lamar Lakers' league (abbr.)Lakers' org. Lady Macbeth, for one Lady Macbeth, on occasion Lady Nancy Lady of "Idylls of the Ki Lady of a 1918 hit Lady of a 1932 song Lady of a stuttering song Lady of Arthurian romance Lady of Brazil Lady of Coventry Lady of disrepute Lady of honor Lady of la casa Lady of la maison: Abbr. Lady-in-waiting in "Othel Lady-killer Lady-killers Lady’s applying much make-up with greater severity Ladybird, for one Ladybug's prey Ladybug, e.g. Ladylove Laertes and Ophelia Laertes' T's Laetrile source Lafayette or Orleans Lafayette's forces Lafayette's state? Lady into bloomers back in underwear, contrary outfit embraced by different fellow Lady Jane and Zane Lady Jane Grey's fate Lady Jane ___Lady Liberty garb Lady Lindy Lady lobster Lady Macbeth's last words Lady Macbeth's problem Lady Macbeth, e.g. Lady whom Don Giovanni tr Lady with a box Lady with a title Lady with une aur Lady ___Lady ___, first woman to Lady ___, Girl Guides fou Lady's about to retire wasted old staff Lady's address Lady's beau Lady's escort Lady's garment Lady's keepsake to a sold Lady's lover Lady's man Lady's mate, in a Disney Lady's partner Lady's shoe Lady's title Lady's undergarment Lady, e.g. Lady chapel locale Lady Chatterley's Lover Lady de la maison: Abbr. Lady excited northern singer Lady famous for piemaking Lady first to encourage and tend other ranks Lady for Don Juan Lady friend in Italy Lady from Ipanema Lady from south of the bo Lady Godiva's possible cover for honeypot and purse? coins Lady performing with trio in skilful way Lady rabbi condemns empty words Lady scratching bottom attracted prince Lady sins -- a home broken -- what's caused adultery? Ladies' partners Ladies, perhaps it's time Stelios returned down south Ladle Ladle cradle Ladled-out food Ladleful of unappetizing Ladles Lads expressing love over that woman offering poetic name Lads went dancing in Slough and similar places Lads' partners Lady Lady abroad Lady abroad: Abbr. Lady bighorns Lady Bird Johnson's given Lady Bird Johnson's middl Lady Byng Trophy org. La Belle La Belle ___La Brea attraction La Brea goo La Brea goop La Choy product La Citt La donna La Espa La Gioconda, familiarly La Grande Jatte, e.g. Ladder danger Ladder rung Ladder step Ladder steps Laddie Laddie's lid Laddie's love Laddie, in Australia Laden Ladies Ladies and gentlemen Ladies and gentlemen of t Ladies called her "the Fa Ladies in fashion or models Ladies in men's rooms? Ladies' fingers Ladies' fingers and thumbs up Rihanna's clothes Ladies' man Ladies' man's old hospital round interrupts drink Ladies' men Ladies' or gents', e.g. La Jolla's ___ Institute La la lead-in La la starter La lead-in La MLa Mediterranee, e.g. neighbor La., e.g., from 1805 to 1La., e.g., once La.-to-Mich. Lab garments Lab gear wrong for this school subject Lab gel Lab glass Lab glassware Lab glove material Lab heaters Lab holder? Labor convenience Labor Day and many other Labor day arrival? Lad so nice, chump unfortunately lacking skill Lad tore ragged, stretchy costume Lad who drew a sword from Lad with eight shifts came to rest Lad’s carrying a key for trunk Lad's girl Lad's love Lad's partner Lad's sweetheart Ladd or Alda Ladd or Greenspan Ladder company? Ladies of the house Ladies of Versailles: Abb Ladies under pressure at first in plant Ladies unexpectedly went by boat Ladies’ fingers Ladies' drink? La ___, capital of Buenos La ___, home of the Salk La ___, Milan opera house La ___, port near Buenos La ___, Quebec La-di-da La-di-da pound shop La-la lead-in La-la preceder La-la starter La-Z-Boy spot La. Lab bottle Lab burner Lab burners Lab burners of old Lab cells Lab challenges Lab charge Lab container Lab containers Lab dish inventor Lab eggs Lab employees Lab equipment Lab field: Abbr. That's not a job for Miss Worthington Label with a name on it Label written up, amended date issued Label: approve it, we hear La Belle or Lu Pone Labels Labor Labor action Labor activist Chavez Labor activist Silkwood Labor class? Lacto-___Lacto-___ vegetarian Lacto-___-vegetarian Lacunae Lacy frills Lad Lad at once shot based on casual accounts Lad choosy about place of education Lad clipped by Floyd the Lad is struggling with song that has rapid succession of notes Lad just penetrated by tip of weapon that's piercing Lad loses head after the opening of this! La Seyne-sur-___La starter La ___La ___ (Chinese food bran La ___ (fossil-rich area)La ___ (Hollywood nicknam La ___ (San Diego area)La ___ (weather worry)La ___ Caspienne La ___ opera house La ___ tar pits La ___ vita La ___, Bolivia La ___, Calif. Lab item Lab jobs Lab maze runner Lab medium Lab monitor? It has to come through Lab tube Lab tubes Lab units Lab verification Lab vessel Lab wear Lab work Lab worker, perhaps Lab workers may have them Lab's ___ dish Label Label - children's game Label a hug that's contrived as ridiculous Label again, as a compute Label anew Label as cold nothing that's hot! Label in a bibliophile's Label in a foreign-langua Label in a Lauren Weisber Label in new seed bed Label in Saks and Bloomie Label info Label meal cooked in plastic Label of Bing Crosby's "WLabel on a certain advert Label on a street-corner Label on an amplifier kno Label on many an advertis Label on some sportswear Label outlining conclusion of anal pedant Label these clothes? Lackluster Lacks Lacks life Lacks the wherewithal Lacks, briefly Lacks, in brief Lacks, quickly Lacoste of tennis Lacoste of the courts Lacquer Lacquer ingredient Lacquer part Lacquered metalware Lacrimal drop La Crosse carmaker Lacrosse contingent Lacrosse quorum Lacrosse team Lactates, e.g. La preceder La Rouge et la Noire La saison d'___La Scala cheer La Scala debut of 1887La Scala features La Scala highlight La Scala locale La Scala music director b La Scala offering La Scala productions La Scala solo La Scala song La Scala star La Scala's city La Scala, e.g. Lab subject Lab subjects Lab test subjects Lab test taker Lab too big for change? Lacking hope - ten odd pens Lacking imagination Lacking in insight Lacking in lust Lacking in name, inventor somehow gets patent Lacking in scruples Lacking in substance Lacking in variety Lacking individuality Lacking inflection Lacking information Lacking initiative Lacking intelligence Lacking interest Lacking iron Lacking its wool coat, as Lacking justification Lacking life Lacking light Lacking limbs Lacking liveliness Lacking lucre Lacking luster Lacking mates, having day off that's tediously long Lacking meat, eggs, dairy Lacking meat, so to speak Lacking melanin Lacking moisture Lacking muscle Lacking objectivity Lacking oomph Lacking originality Lacking pigment Lacking pizazz Lacking plans Lacking play Lacking principles Lacking principles, upset mother before exam Lacking purpose Lacking radiating appenda Lacking refinement Lacking regard for the feelings of others Lacking restraint Lacking restraint as this solution regularly is Lacking scruples Lacking self-restraint at home, happy to imbibe endless wine Lacking sensation Lacking sense Lacking serviceability Lacking significance Lacking skill in Lacking skill is party game for children Lacking slack Lacking source of cash, chooses to make a comeback - boxers tend to do this Lacking spice Lacking spring or curl, a Lacking strength Lacking substance Lacking subtlety Lacking sufficient desire Lacking support Lacking support, so to sp Lacking sympathy Lacking taste or style Lacking the knack Lacking the resources Lacking the skill Lacking the spunk Lacking thrills Lacking trees Lacking value Lacking vicissitude Lacking vigor Lacking vitality Lacking volume Lacking warmth Lacking width and depth Lacking width and depth, Lacking will to cross river with US highway Lacking wrinkles Lacking zip Lacking, to Louis Lacking, with "of"Lackland, e.g. Lab personnel Lab procedure Lab protector Lab reagent Lab receptacle Lab reports Lab runner Lab runners Lab service: Abbr. Lab slide objects, often Lab sound Lab specimens Lab stock Lab subj. Lacking form Lacking fresh air Lacking froufrou Lacking fullness, as a vo Lacking fullness, as the Lacking good manners Lacking hair Lacking head protection, though putting two and two together? That's a problem for a walker Lacking enthusiasm Lacking enthusiasm or energy Lacking experience Lacking faith in God Lacking fat Lacking feeling Lacking flavor Lacking flavour Lacking forcefulness Lacking foresight - spendthrift Lacking foresight? Labour, in England Labourers Labourers going around spotted tools Labrador food? Lacking depth Lacking details Lacking dollars, mostly gives in Lacking Ecstasy, take glue Lacking education, poor aunt meets violent thug Lacking energy? 1951Labour set up many elections Labour to protect right country, one in 12 7Labour wants second rail service Labour's beast trashed May: "An abhorrent leader of idiots"Labour's leader unseated in this? Lacking backup Lacking bargaining power, Lacking brio Lacking bumps Lacking chivalry Lacking color Lacking common sense Lacking company Lacking conviction Lacking courage Lacking couth Lacking cover, soldiers gathered in a group Lacking cover? since 1935Labor leader Ch Labor leader dropping off Labor leader George Labor leader I. Time for someone more right-wing Labour Party clipped in the end Labour PM, b. Lack stability Lack sweet touch, having no heart Lack, briefly Lackadaisical response Lackawanna's partner in r Lacked Lacked, briefly Lackey Lackeys without power or wealth Lacking Lacking a break Lacking a charge Lacking a dividing membra Lacking a key Lacking a key, in music Lacking a mate Lacking a middle Lacking a musical key Lacking a musical quality Lacking a partner Lacking a signature, say Lacking a sponsor Lacking a stopover, as a Lacking a surrounding col Lacking all dignity Lacking ambition Lacking any elements Lacking any guarantee of Lacking anywhere to go? since 1935Labor organization Labor organizer's cry Labor organizer? Labor saver Labor secretary under the Labor's partner Labor's partner, in a gar Labor-management arrangem Laboratory bottle Laboratory sessions Laboratory task Laboratory vessel Labored Laborer Laborer of old Laborer's suffix Laboriously extract something captured in war Laboriously make Laborites' preferred work Labors over Labour Labour camp for political prisoners Labour challenger "hits women" – not true Labour dispute Labour fails to suppress female PMLabour leader appears dishevelled in old clothes Labour leader fearing meltdown? Labyrinth locale Labyrinth parts Labyrinthine Labyrinthine mass of passages Lac contents Lace Lace (into)Lace into Lace mat Lace part Lace place Lace place mat Lace shade Lace site Lace tip Lace's end Laced up Laced waterproof boot Laceless shoes Laces (into)Laces into Lacey on "Cagney & Lacey"Lachesis and Clotho, in m Lachrymal Lachrymose Lack Lack - want Lack direction Lack equilibrium Lack job, love to go to the top Lack of accuracy Lack of action from saint the way things are Lack of adornment Lack of agreement in recess Lack of any desire for lu Lack of any false pride Lack of bravery Lack of care Lack of certainty, say, in the Conservative leader, wavering Lack of color Lack of comforts Lack of completion in building coalition Lack of constraints Lack of difficulty Lack of direction Lack of energy Lack of enthusiasm Lack of experience Lack of experience perceived by audience to some extent Lack of faith in so many leaders chasing articles Lack of get-up-and-go Lack of gravity Lack of guilt Lack of interest Lack of knowledge Lack of laxness Lack of moderation Lack of movement Lack of openness Lack of optimism partly affecting loo manufacturers Lack of organisation? Indignation after Republican's sent packing Lack of precision Lack of principles said to obstruct friendship Lack of refinement Lack of rest breaks when leaving - most curious Lack of restraint Lack of secrecy Lack of starch Lack of system in barristers sadly restricting opening of action Lack of talent excluding a privileged group Lack of taste or style Lack of variety Lack of vigor Lack of vitality Lack of water and bread keeps king tense Lack something to make one conspicuous? ___Labor leader James Labor leader Jimmy who my Labor leader of note Labor leader's cry Labor org. Learns by heart Learns easily Learns little by little Leary of TV's "Rescue Me"Lease Lease - torn apart Lease again Lease included in legal document removed Lease period, often Lease signer Lease to a new tenant Leased Leased again Leased apartment Leased car Leasehold property charge Leaseholds Leases Least Least abundant Least acceptable amount Least accessible Least active of the halog Least adequate Least adorned Least affected Least amiable Least amount of caring Least at peace Least attended Least batty Least bit Least bit of concern Least bold Least bright Least brow-wrinkling Least buggy Least candid Least certain Least change Least clear Least clear, as a memory Least cloudy Least cluttered Least cold Least colorful Least comfortable Least common Least complaint Least confident Least convincing Least cooked Least copious Least courteous Least covered Least crazy Least daffy Least decent Least definite Least delayed Least desirable Least desirable wharves? Least desirably Least difficult Least dignified Least distant Least done Least drunk Least dry Least dull Least emotional Least equivocal Least exciting Least exciting airport to start from Least expensive Least experienced Least explicable Least fatty Least favorably Least feeling Least forgiving Least fortunate Least forward Least frequented Least fresh Least friendly Least furnished Least good Least hale Least hard Least harsh Least healthy Least heavy Least honorable Least hospitable Least important Least ingenuous Least inhibited Least inspiring Least interesting Least irrigated Least known Least laugh-out-loud, as Least lengthy Least lengthy celebration of cheese? Least likely to attack Least likely to be missed Least likely to be pinned Least likely to betray Least likely to crack Least likely to forgive Least likely to snap? Least likely to take comm Least likely to turn tail Least long Least loose Least loyal Least lumbering Least merry Least newsworthy Least noble Least obscure Least of all Least open Least outgoing Least perturbable Least plausible, as an ex Least pleasant, weatherwi Least polished Least polite Least populous U. membe Least possible Least possible quantity Least powerful member of Least profane Least prominent Least quiet Least quiet home I’m entering Least rainy Least refined Least relaxed person from Bangkok, we hear, before trial? Least restrained Least rigid Least risky Least robust Least rocky Least ruddy Least ruffled Least salable, perhaps Least satisfactory Least scarce Least seen Least sensible Least sensible place for eggs? Least shallow Least sharp Least sissyish Least smart / Kitchen wor Least sound Least spotted Least square Least stimulating Least straightforward Least strict Least strong Least suave Least sufficient Least sweet Least sweet, as wine Least tainted Least tan Least threatening Least trained Least trustworthy Least typical Least vacillating Least verbose Least vulnerable Least welcoming Least wild Least worldly Leather Leather band Leather cloak Leather coat from Nassau obtained with US money Leather factory Leather fastening Leather finish? Leather from deer Leather from the sea Leather overalls for men Leather processor Leather source Leather sticker Leather strips, in shoema Leather type Leather worker Leather, essentially Leatherneck Leathernecks' lunch Leatherworker's tool Leatherworking dyes Leatherworking tool Leathery sunbather Leave Leave 50%, maybe Leave a black mark on, sa Leave a convenient stopping-off place Leave a group playing Leave a mark on Leave a mark on, as shoes Leave a mess Leave a neighborhood gym? Leave a permanent mark on Leave a ship Leave after greeting rebellious young chap, a Spanish gent Leave aground; thread Leave alone Leave an argument unresol Leave at a pawnshop Leave at the altar Leave be Leave before taking in rector's formal garden Leave behind Leave behind ... or not l Leave behind traveller on vacation to rise around noon Leave breathless Leave by plane: deal with article first, or lose it Leave clueless Leave completely, in slan Leave country singer regularly embraced by English friend Leave destitute Leave dock Leave dumbstruck Leave earth? Leave exotic bird after 1Leave far behind Leave first or second, sa Leave for a bit Leave for the winter, say Leave from 19 down Leave from French region Leave frozen, maybe Leave fruit — lose it! Leave furtively Leave helpless with laugh Leave high and dry Leave home Leave in Leave in a hurry Leave in a hurry, slangil Leave in a hurry, with "o Leave in difficulty Leave in neutral Leave in stitches Leave in stitches? Leave in the dust Leave in the dust, say Leave in the shade Leave in the ___Leave in, as text Leave in, editorially Leave in, in proofreading Leave in, to a proofreade Leave in, to an editor Leave job sacrificing second period in charge Leave Jules's special teacher at home Leave laughing Leave no gaps for picture Leave no trace Leave nut to get cracked later Leave off Leave office voluntarily Leave one’s country (not good) for this territory? Leave one's post Leave one's post, possibl Leave open-mouthed Leave out Leave out reason to undertake vanity project? Leave out, in speech Leave port Leave pudding son heartily rejected Leave queen to scrub rear, splashing around in the tub Leave quickly Leave rubber on the road Leave rubber, in a way Leave rubber, with "out"Leave secretly Leave slack-jawed Leave some mangetouts Leave soon with English liberal and moderate Leave speechless Leave stranded in the Arc Leave suddenly Leave Ted behind for adventuresome tripping, involving lots of shifting about Leave the band and strike Leave the building Leave the centre of Exeter around eleven Leave the City in the wet Leave the country? Leaves alone, in a way Leaves alone, sometimes Leaves and makes excuses initially unconvincing Leaves at ? Leaves gasping Leaves Gillette founders with millions Leaves hair here and ther Leaves harbor Leaves here to instruct parent heartlessly Leaves high and dry Leaves holder Leaves home? Leave the flock Leave the herd Leave the outdoors Leave the pad, say Leave the sack Leave the scene Leave the shelves Leave the stage Leave the straight and na Leave the union Leave the witness box and go off duty Leave things unresolved, Leave time to visit cities rebuilt in vain Leave to enter guilty plea? Leaves at the base of a f Leaves behind Leaves early, as an offic Leaves end and start of hole, say Leaves for a buffet? Leaves in a bag Leaves in a hot rod, with Leaves in a huff, with "o Leaves in a salad Leaves in hot water Leaves in stitches Leaves in the afternoon? Leave to settle in another country Leave too little experience Leave untouched Leave via ladder, maybe Leave weaponless Leave wife's hand over fair parts Leave without changing Leave without paying Leave word for the French Leave work early to captain cricket side Leave work heading off for bar Leave ___ (be permanently Leave ___ (permanently da Leave ___ that Leave, as kids at school Leave, as out of fear Leave, having eaten the last bit of Christmas pudding Leave, in 60's slang Leave, parking in narrow opening Leave, receiving directions to bug secret service Leave, slangily Leave, then enter most unmanageable shop Leave, with "off"Leave-taking Leavening agent Leavenworth and others: ALeaves Leaves a center for cerea Leaves a couple of cents in battered boot Leaves a crooked trail Leaves a mark on Leaves a zoo quickly? Leaves in the dust Leaves in the kitchen Leaves in the lurch Leaves in, editorially Leaves like those in books mentioned here? Leaves may be put in it Leaves money for sex Leaves note attached to article Leaves note, leading to row Leaves of metal Leaves of young cabbage plants Leaves off Leaves on the table Leaves out Leaves papers and note for false lover Leaves port Leaves rolling in the ais Leaves stranded Leaves the dock Leaves the main topic tem Leaves time? Leaves undone Leaves used as onion-flavoured seasoning Leaves used as seasoning Leaves very quickly brushing off sheep tick burdens Leaves with a caddy? Leaves with notice Leaves without an answer Leaves' home Leaves, greenery Leaving Leaving a small opening Leaving after lunch Leaving drink in can to one side: winning prize Leaving Earth on holiday? Take in Uranus at the beginning Leaving for Leaving government crushed like a ball Leaving hospital, crook hastened to city area Leaving it with Italy's grand old politician Leaving jacket, nipped out for a smoke? Leaving lines Leaving no remainder Leaving sailor with drunk in gutter - say no more Leaving the plane, one may use this free, fitted with copper and gold Leaving unannounced for an away match Leaving, say, pauses, taking time out Leaving, slangily Leavings Leb. Lebanese, say Lebanon's capital Le Blanc of "Friends"Le Blanc of "Joey"Leblanc's Lupin Lech of Poland's Solidari Lecher Lecher showing some perverted amatory tastes Lecher's look Lecherlike Lecherous Lecherous figure of Greek Lecherous goat-men Lecherous look Lecherous looks Lecherous sort Lecherous type appears in smart lycra now and then Lechers Lecithin source Lectern's locale Lecterns Lecture Lecture follow-up Lecture follower, briefly Lecture hall Lecture hall platforms Lecture hall V. P.'s Lecture jottings Lecture room Lecture, in a way Lectured about conclusion of special issue Lectured from reference book about lab animal ... Lee foe Lee Marvin TV oldie Lee of Hollywood Lee of literature Lee of Marvel Comics Lee of NBC News Lee or Musial Lee side Lee side? Lecturer and I leaving to take pressure off old magistrate Lecturer cracking convoluted Casio's functions Lecturer exhibiting pain during short semester Lecturer seen in Oxford, once Lecturer stopping scruffy notes being plagiarised Lecturer tucked into hot cake Lecturer tucked into square meal Lecturer wearing enrolled nurse's undergarments Lecturer welcoming the old senior member Lecturer, briefly Lecturers Lecturers' equipment Led Led astray and misused a month back Led astray by party leader taken in by ridiculous load of nonsense Led down the aisle Led follower to create flyer Led games going after Miss Scarlet? Led the entertainment Led to Led Zeppelin hit, 1969Led Zeppelin's "Whole ___Led Zeppelin's genre Led, as a jazz band Ledger column Ledger entries: Abbr. Lee Van ___ (spaghetti we Lee who advised Reagan an Lee who created Spider-Ma Lee who directed "Brokeba Lee who directed "Crouchi Lee who founded the Shake Lee who got a kick out of Lee with a 2005 Oscar Lee with an Oscar Lee with the 1960 #1 hit Lee ___ (transmission rep Lee’s gran, confused, blows up Lee's men Lee's men, for short Lee's org. Leeches Leeds United manager hints match officials received payment Leeds United's centre-half battles to help secure highest position in years Leeds's river Leek's kin Leer Leer at Leer at - or look at? Leering nastily, taking in one’s underwear Leering sort Leers at Lees Leeway Leeway given as barge fell back Left Left a chair Left a fire blazing: this could mean hell! Left a job voluntarily Left a large gateway Left a person unaccompanied Left a quotation, not one for milk delivery Left a small opening Left accepts Conservative is up Left alone Left and did some recording studio work Left and right, maybe Left are controlling Government on a big scale Left at sea Left back to dwell on the ball? It's up in the air Left back to warn of trouble Left backing return of Labour Party Left Bank denizen Left Bank frequenter Left Bank hangouts Left Bank locale Left Bank river Left Bank toppers Left Bank's thanks Left behind Left behind Andrea after surgery on kidney Left Coast airport code Left Coast airport letter Left Coast baggage tag Left concerned with old Left donkey with ring and rope Left duo holding check for fare from China Left effects overthrow of Right and topples Tory Left end? Left field by opening in fence on the other side Left hand's starting posi Left high and dry Left holding aid for driver turning tip of plane? Left holdings Left homes Left hospital A & E, getting out before most of the flu spread? Left hurriedly Left in care of those people and a woman Left in charge after bar’s open Left in charge, teenager's opening wine Left in container in small piece of ground Left in nest — no small bird Left in Santiago, desperately yearning for the past Left in the dust Left in women's quarters somewhere in New York Left inside covers of Tchaikovsky score Left is holding thinning out operation which blocks entrants Left musical equipment and lights Left no doubt about Left off Left off telling stories about nobleman's young horse Left on a liner Left on a map Left on a plate Left on account of mistress? Left on board Left on time to follow touching news coverage Left one extremely out of sorts Left one nail on floor Left one’s East End home — becoming solitary Left one's seat Left open-mouthed Left or right Left organ of Van Gogh in this exact location, did you say? Left out Left out, our intention's to show up for reception Left over Left over bits and pieces Left over rolls filled with end of veg served up as informal meal Left over, perhaps Left over, possibly Left parent scratching head in a state of agitation Left party upset, but another one's found Left port Left queasy (not at first) after swallowing one of flowering plants Left quickly Left ranks to struggle with foe Left rolling in the aisle Left side Left so as to admit some Left speechless Left stage in middle of act Left the band, perhaps Left the building Left the cocoon Left the couch Left the room scratched? Left the throne Left the Union Left theatrical role in middle of act Left Tina's ex-husband, getting a thumbs-up on social media Left to avoid arrest Left to invade African country with armies, not revolutionary masses Left to the captain? Left Turn ___ (street sig Left two lots of foreign money for rock attraction Left ventricle attachment Left via ladder, say Left water spraying across sunlounger Left winger arranged last sit-in Left with an unfinished game after Gardner falls Left with real estate Left without any reservations at all Left, at sea Left, right and hairpin? Left-field - foolish Left-hand page Left-handed Left-handed Beatle Left-handed boxer LEFT-HANDED PITCHERLeft-handed pitcher Shawn Left-handed, in a way Left-handers can't play i Left-lane type Left-leaning character supports the whip Left-of-center party memb Left-winger Left-winger beginning to talk rubbish Left-winger dominating victory embraces players Left-winger isn’t last I upset Left-winger returning with English cake Left-wingers Left-wingers in Italian towns campaigned hard and long Left-___ (southpaw)Left; disappeared Leftie somewhat short, if hugged by supporter Leftist label: Abbr. Leftist who's gently run media empire Leftmost compartment in a Leftorium proprietor on "Leftover Leftover bit Leftover bit of cloth Leftover cloth bit Leftover dish Leftover for Rover Leftover morsel Leftover or additional Leftover part Leftover piece Leftover pieces Leftover veggie? Leftovers Leftovers for Fido Leftovers from threshing Leftovers? Lefts from Louis Leftward leaning flower Lefty Lefty of 1920's-30's base Leg bone Leg bones Leg ends Leg front Leg hinge Leg hit - out! Leg joint Leg joints Leg muscle, briefly Leg muscles, for short Leg of lamb Leg part Leg part below the knee Leg scratchers Leg shackles Leg spinner in a dominant position Leg supports Leg up Leg warmers, e.g. Leg's middle Leg's midpoint Leg's partner Leg-building set Leg-of-mutton sleeve Leg-puller Leg. title Leg/foot connector Legacy Legacy receiver Legacy sharer Legal Legal action Legal action serving as a precedent Legal adviser's first in to celebrate and offer congratulation Legal adviser, very proper, otherwise Legal advocate: Abbr. Legal aide, briefly Legal analyst Van Sustere Legal anonym Legal assignment Legal assistant Legal assistants Legal body Legal body setting actor's percentage Legal cases? Legal claim Legal claim holder Legal claim on property Legal claims Legal clause waives argument in favour of faculty Legal conclusion Legal conclusion? Legal defence proving innocence Legal defendant: Abbr. Legal directive good, ruling ultimately welcomed by brotherhood of elders? Legal document for transfer of property Legal document issued by a court Legal document made and executed by one party only Legal document securing land is sent Legal document that can be taken either way Legal documents Legal documents in which old king replaces sovereign's bribes Legal eagles' org. Legal encumbrance Legal ending Legal entitlement Legal entitlements Legal excuses Legal grounds for action Legal hearing Legal heir, at times Legal hold Legal hunting period Legal impediment Legal item Legal matter Legal memo phrase Legal memo starter Legal offense Legal officer in charge o Legal officer's trapped here in France Legal official Legal officials leaving out first sign Legal opener Legal or otherwise, it's a lively movement Legal order during meeting Legal org. Legal paper Legal plea, for short Legal pleas, informally Legal point Legal position determiner Legal practitioner Legal precedent Legal precedent setter Legal precedents Legal proceeding, at law Legal profession Legal punch? Legal representative Legal right allowing oriental fellows to occupy their quarter Legal rights grp. Legal rule Legal safety net Legal scholar Bork Legal scholar Guinier Legal scholar Guinier and Legal scholar Guinier et Legal scholar's deg. Legal setting Legal speeders, for short Legal stds. maintainer Legal stoppage of commerce Legal successors Legal suspension Legal thing Legal trademark user Legal U. tender Legal writ, for short Legal writ, in brief Legal wrong Legal wrongs Legal, in a way Legal, so to speak Legal-tender bill Legalese adverb Legalese conjunction Legalistic phrase Legalistic pronoun Legally Legally acceptable Legally adult Legally binding Legally hinders eastern and western situations Legally impedes Legally invalid Legally prevent Legally seize (property)Legally valid Legatee Legation resident Legato indicator Legbones Legend Legend automaker Legend in automotives Legend in one's own mind Legend locale Legend maker Legend of the auto indust Legend of the Himalayas Legend on the ice Legend's locale Legend's start Legend, e.g. Legendary 1920s-'30s Harl Legendary abductee Legendary Arabian bird Legendary athlete on the Legendary baseball exec BLegendary battlers Legendary beast Legendary bird Legendary bowler gets duck Legendary boxer Legendary British king Legendary brothers in law Legendary capital of King Legendary captain's stroke at Lord's? Legendary Chicago Bears c Legendary Christian marty Legendary cowboy Legendary cowboy ___ Bill Legendary creature attending around end of the working week Legendary creature still seen to west of island Legendary creatures Legendary criminal played Legendary elephant eaters Legendary flier's the reason fantasy writer gets mentioned Legendary fliers Legendary football coach Legendary Gaelic bard Legendary Gaelic poet Legendary Giant Legendary Giant's family Legendary Greek conquest Legendary grid coach Don Legendary heretic seizes day Legendary hero from country near central Europe Legendary hero working in shop Legendary iceman Legendary Irish bard Legendary Irish princess Legendary island - in at last Legendary kicker Legendary king given present by knight Legendary lawman of the OLegendary loser Legendary luster Legendary Mac Gregor Legendary maker of a 96-ALegendary marksman’s order Legendary medic on ice packs Legendary Mrs. who owned Legendary name in 31-Acro Legendary nurse in a bad French hospital starts to earn accolades - about time! title Legislate Legislation Legislation having financial consequences? Legislative act that impo Legislative aides Legislative assemblies Legislative assembly Legislative body Legislative body partly chosen at election Legislative excess Legislative group Legislative grp. Legendary Onondaga chief Legendary opera star Legendary outlaw's compan Legendary password user Legendary reptile with a Legendary reward Legendary San Francisco m Legendary siege site Legendary siren Legendary siren of the Rh Legendary siren of the Rhine Legendary skydiver Legendary sleeper Legendary soprano ___ Pat Legendary Spanish bullfig Legendary stick figure Legendary stories Legendary story Legendary sunken island Legendary vanished island - mythical place Legendary Washington host Legends Legging covering instep and ankles Leggy bird to welcome centre forward Leggy one Leggy wader Legholds? Legislative houses Legislative largess Legislative ordinance Legislator Legislator spilt no tears Legislator turns up, not tense but a little nervous Legislator's cry Legislators: Abbr. Leghorn locale Legible Legion Legion of Honor member Legions Legis. Legislature Legislature’s meeting’s spoken of this yielding of territory? Legislature, in Canada Legislature, in the UKLegit Legitimacy forsaken by leader in appalling state Legitimate Legitimate banning learner driver that’s very bad Legitimate rubbish written about French here Legitimate target for attack or exploitation Legless amnesiacs knocked back bottles together Legless chaps touring Rhode Island with time for fun Legless creatures Legless, British ahead of game Legman's list Lego precursor Lego unit Lego, literally Legree's creator Legs Legs before energy gets to run out Legs, slangily Legs, to a zoot suiter Legume Legume hybridised with banana? That’s not viable Legume used to produce sp Legume, e.g. Legume, very hot, to eat with the others …Leh Lehar work, with "The"Lehmann of opera Lei Day greeting Lei giver's greeting Lei-person's greeting? Leicester City footballer starts to make all his runs exceptionally zigzaggy Leicester City v Celtic perhaps - or something more serious? Leicester cry Leif's language Leigh Hunt's "Abou Ben __Leigh Hunt's "___ Ben Adh Leigh of "Psycho"Leipzig's state Leisure Leisure activity Leisure area ideal for slippers Leisure periods Leisure suit fabric Leisureliness Leisurely Leisurely drink safe for consumption Leisurely gaits Leisurely lyricist? Leisurely time to arrive Leisurely walk LEM maker Leman and others Lemieux milieu Lemieux milieu: Abbr. Lemon on a baseball field Lemon or lime drink Lemon or orange Lemon peel Lemon producer? Lemon Lemon and lime drinks Lemon and orange drinks Lemon beverage Lemon drink Lemon go-with Lemon grove? Lemon shade Lemon ___Lemon ___ (herb)Lemon, maybe Lemon-flavored, maybe Lemon-like fruit Lemon-lime malt brand Lemon-___ (Kool-Aid flavo Lemonade ___ = Arnold PLemonlike Lemonlike fruit Lemony Lemony dessert Lemony meringue concoctio Lemony Snicket's count an Lemony, e.g. Lemony, say Lemur's hangout Len Deighton's anagrammat Len wrongly connected with Madrid: he’s from Birmingham? Lena of Lena of "Chocolat"Lena of "Havana"Lena or Ken of film Lena who played Irina Der Lena who sang "Stormy Wea Lenape advocate of Indian Lenape orator who inspire Lend Lend a hand Lend a hand to Lend an ear Lend money to soldier for a sandwich Lend ___Lend ___ (help)Lend ___ (listen)Lend ___ (pay attention)Lend, informally Lend-Lease Act provision Lend-___ Act Lendee's note Lender's claim Lender's income: Abbr. Lender's letters Lender's protection Lender's recourse Lenders' banes Lenders, often Lending "lady"Lending at extortionate rates Lending crisis Lending figures Lendl of tennis Lends Lends a hand Length and width Length between two points Length given to note in second part Length in years of a leni Length of 14 2/3 football Length of a curve Length of a kids' fun run Length of a quick fight? Length of cord rolled into the porch Length of fabric Length of life that is left for King Charles, maybe Length of many a TV drama Length of many stands? Length of printed piece Length of sawn timber Length of some shorts Length of string Length of time around it varied Length of yarn Length times width Length unit in Lyon Length x width, for a rec Lengthen Lengthen or shorten Lengthen publicity by circular letter on short London opening Lengthen, with Lengthens, old-style Lengths of service Lengthwise Lengthy Lengthy discourses Lengthy fight Lengthy footrace Lengthy lurkers of the de Lengthy military sign-up? Lengthy reproval Lengthy sentence Lengthy undertaking Lengthy warnings Lenience Lenient Lenin's "What ___ Be Done Lenin's body Lenin's land, for short Lenin, for one Leninist leader released? Lennon and others Lennon bandmate Lennon's "Two Virgins" pa Lennon's in-laws Lennon's lady Lennon's love Lennon's mate Lennon's second mate Lennon's second wife Lennon's spouse Lennon's widow Lennon's widow Yoko Lennon's wife Lennon's woman Lennon/Mc Cartney song who Lennon/Mc Cartney's "___ LLennon/Ono's "Happy ___ (Lennox Lewis org. Leno appears on it Leno line Leno's got a big one Leno's necklace? Leno, notably Lenore's creator Lenox products Lens Lens cover? Lens holder Lens holder, for short Lens holders Lens protector Lens setting Lens settings Lens solution brand Lens type Lens used for close-ups Lens with a crescent-shap Lens-grinding Dutch philo Lenses Lensman Adams Lent Lent activity Lent effort Lent part? Lent preceder Lenten serving Lenten symbol Lenten treat Lentil dish at an Indian Lentil, e.g. Lento Lento e largo Lento or largo Lenya of "Cabaret"Lenya of song Leo and Libra Leo and others Leo and Rupert nobbled dealer in game Leo Durocher monicker, wi Leo's symbol Leo, astrologically Leo, for example Leo, for one Leon —, early Marxist Leon of "Mister Ed"Leon Redbone regularly remixed "Move On Up"? Leon Uris novel Leon Uris novel, with "Th Leon Uris's "___ 18"Leon who won both a Pulit Leon who wrote "Exodus"Leon with three Super Bow Leon ___, Mc Kinley's assa Leon ___, who wrote "Mila Leonard Bernstein called Leonard Bernstein's "___ Leonard of literature Leonardo da Vinci mural Leonardo da Vinci's "___ Leonardo da Vinci? Leopardlike cat Leopards are spotted here Leopardus pardalis Leopold and ___ (big 1920Leopold Bloom's creator Leopold's 1920's co-defen Leopold's 1920s co-defend Leopold's celebrated murd Leopold's partner in a se Leopold's partner in crim Leotard, e.g. Leonardo da ___Leonardo of ___ (mathemat Leonardo's "The Aviator" Leonardo's home Leonidas' kingdom Leonidas's land Leonine locks Leonine movie star Leonine movie star of old Leopard Leopard features Leopard markings Leopard relative Leopard runner Leopard spot Leopard spots, e.g. Lepidopterist's accessory Lepidopterist's equipment Lepidopterist's need Lepidopterist's study Lepidopterist's tool Lepidopterists' gear Lepidopterous movie monst Leporello, e.g., in "Don Leporid mammal Leporine creatures Leporine leapers Leprechaun land Leprechaun's land Leprechauns Leprechauns' home Leprechauns' land Lepton's locale Lerner and Loewe musical Lerner's "Camelot" partne Lerner's musical partner Lerner's partner Lerner's partner for "Cam Les Les : French :: ___ : Ita Les oreilles are attached Les poissons swim in it Les Trois Mousquetaires, Les ___-Unis Lesage book "Gil ___"Lesage hero Gil ___Lesbian character accepting a dance Lesbian, maybe French girl, goes through Channel regularly Le Shan who wrote child-ca Lesley of "60 Minutes"Leslie Caron musical Leslie Caron role Leslie Caron title role Leslie of "Gigi"Leslie who’s made Saint? Rich stare, confounded Less Less abundant Less accurate Less active Less addled Less adequate alternative Less adorned Less adulterated Less affected Less affluent Less agitated Less amicable Less approachable Less apt to learn Less apt to wait one's tu Less arduous Less assertive Less astute Less at ease Less attractive Less available Less awkward if back girdled in advance, before run Less bananas Less binding Less blowzy Less bold Less calm Less certain Less cheery Less chewy Less civil Less clean Less clear Less clear, as river wate Less cluttered Less colorful Less colourful second city of Italy Less common Less common bird control device getting investment by college Less competent Less congenial Less constrained Less controlled Less conventional Less convincing, as an ex Less convoluted Less cool Less cordial Less corrupted Less covered Less cramped Less crazy Less daunted Less decent batsman sacrifices power to lower degree Less decorated Less deliberate Less dense Less dicey Less difficult Less dirty Less done, as steak Less dotty Less drunk Less easygoing Less elaborated sportsman's clothing cut Less emotional Less enthused Less error-prone Less exciting Less experienced Less exposed Less extensive Less familiar tunes including Beethoven's Second, moreover Less far Less fat Less fatty Less favorable Less filled out Less flexible Less flustered Less forgiving Less formal Less fortunate Less forward Less frequent Less fresh Less friendly Less frowzy Less furnished Less grand Less green Less hazardous Less healthy Less heavy Less hopeful Less important Less inept Less inhibited Less intelligent Less kind Less languid Less lax Less lean Less leisurely Less lenient Less like a yo-yo Less like legalese Less like nuts? Less likely to be hit by Less likely to be winded Less likely to break Less likely to collapse Less likely to fly? Less likely to lose it Less likely to make mista Less likely to offend Less likely to reconcile Less lively Less lofty Less loony Less loopy Less mellow Less messy Less moist Less muddled Less natural Less nice Less numerous Less of an illusion Less original Less ornate Less overcast Less plausible, as an exc Less pleasing to the ear Less plentiful Less polite Less popular, as a restau Less powerful, the river surrounds pub Less predictable Less prepared, less strong, lacking power, having skirted study Less receptive Less refined Less relaxed Less reputable Less reserved Less resonant Less respectful Less restrained Less ripe Less risky Less ruddy Less sane Less savage Less secure Less seen Less senior Less settled Less severe Less sharp, bladdered, I put some bottles back Less significant Less slovenly Less smooth Less solvable Less sophisticated Less sound Less specious Less speedy Less spirited Less steep Less stimulating Less stirred Less straight Less straightforward Less stressed Less stressful Less strict Less subdued Less sufficient Less svelte Less sweet Less swift Less sympathetic Less tanned Less taut Less taxing Less than 1 m.p.h., as wi Less than 50% are popular with those under age Less than 90Less than 90 degrees Less than a one-star movi Less than a sentence, in Less than any Less than decent Less than diddly Less than needed Less than outstanding Less than quadraphonic Less than right Less than right? Less than solid Less than spectacular Less than stellar Less than the required amount Less than upstanding Less than wholesale Less than wonderful Less than zero: Abbr. Less thick Less tight Less time-consuming Less tough Less trusting Less trying Less typical Less up-to-date Less upfront Less verbose Less warm Less welcoming Less well done Less well off Less well-looking Less wet Less wild Less wobbly, say Less woolly, perhaps Less wordy Less-than-complete balance about row in French city Less-than-Ruthian hits Lessee Lessen Lessen one's exposure Lessen the seriousness Lessen, as difficulties Lessen, as fears Lessen, as pain Lessen, with "down"Lessened, as pain Lessener Lessening Lessens Lessens the force of Lesser Lesser of two ___Lesser Spanish noblemen Lesser star designation i Lesser Sunda island Lesser-known astrology sy Lesser-played half of a 4Lesser-used PC key Lesson #1 in cooking Lesson duration, often Lesson from Aesop Lesson that can be drawn from a story Lesson writer? Let Let — eat cake Let (property)Let (up)Let a judge hear the case Let a slip pass Let apple Danish pastries be distributed in great number for today Let borrow Let down Let down burglars' leader in bank plot Let down by actor regularly: average performer on stage Let down plane into Chester’s river Let down recently (after making love Ed turned over)Let down, perhaps Let down, say Let everyone down, ignoring outsiders Let fall Let fall and let tear Let fall, in poetry Let fly Let for money Let free Let go Let go by Bottom after pressure to get out of bed Let go from work Let go of Let go tactfully Let go, in a way Let hang Let have Let have it Let have the final word Let in Let in a second time Let in advance Let in again Let in; confessed Let it all out Let it all out? Letter from Jude Letter from Poles in translation Letter from Scotsman in POW camp returned Letter from St. Lesson; social division Lessons Lessons at Hogwarts Lessons? Let it be Let it be, editorially Let it stand Let know Let live Let loose Let loose, as pigs Let loose, initially, on facility Let loose, stick around the marshes Let man creep off to get substitute Let me go out, grab club and prepare for fight Let me see about drying out dog Let me think? Letter feature Letter finisher Letter finisher, of sorts Letter flourish Letter for Cynewulf Letter for Gandalf Letter from a teacher Letter from abroad Letter from Corinth Letter from Eliot analysed Letter from Greece Letter from Greece - when is it expected? Paul: Abb Letter from the Corinthia Letter getter Letter getter, maybe Letter getter: Abbr. Letter often accompanying Letter on some college ja Letter on Superman's ches Letter opener Letter opener chopped up dead seers Letter opener, at times Letter opener? Letter penned by Charles, so ridiculous Letter pile set to be rearranged Letter preceding bravo Letter producer Letter pronounced while breathing out Letter read out — gosh! Drug addict to keep loan-shark Let off Let off steam Let off steam, maybe Let off the hook Let off the hook? Letter greeting Letter greeting never rea Letter holder Letter holder: Abbr. Letter resembling an inve Letter resembling an ox's Letter routing abbr. Let one horribly round queen articulate Let one's anger show Let one's god down? Let out the waist of, e.g Let out, as horses Let out, e.g. Letter home contained money Letter in a mysterious in Letter in radio communica Letter in runes Letter in Socrates' name Letter in the Daily Mirro Letter in the Globe and MLetter letters Letter lines Letter lineup Letter of a chapter? Letter run Letter said nothing more to resolve - one's 9Letter sent to many people Letter sequence Letter series Letter sign-off Letter signed by many on all sides seen by 4's partner Letter signoff Letter start Letter starter Letter string Letter switched to ess in Letter taker Letter tiles thrown out after Scrabble championship finally? Let out, in a way Let out, perhaps Let pass Let ponies loose? Letter trio Letter upset ageing King invading country Letter wearer: Abbr. Letter will upset learned Muslims Letter writer's afterthou Letter writing, some say Letter's end? Let the cat out of the ba Let the cat out of the bag Let up Let us in after fixing tool Let use Let win Let ___ a secret Let's do it Let's resend Busted. Letter's need Letter's sign Letter, of sorts Letter-ending abbr. Letter-shaped beam Letter-shaped bridge supp Letter-shaped building be Letter-shaped building su Letter-shaped constructio Letter-shaped cross Letter-shaped fastener Letter-shaped girder Letter-shaped hardware Letter-shaped opening Letter-shaped opening for Letter-shaped part of a g Letter-shaped skyscraper Letter-shaped structural Letter-shaped support Letter-shaped woodworking Letter-shaped, threaded f Letter-to-Santa enclosure Letter-writing aid Letter-writing prisoner, Letter? Letterhead design Letterhead feature Letterhead graphic Letterhead? Lettering liquid Letterless phone button Letterman airer Letterman dental feature Letterman letters Letterman list, e.g. ma Letters on some pumps Letters on the road Letters on tires Letters on undies Letters right to go into capital for sorting Letters said with a shout Letters seen by a proof r Letters seen during proof Letters slanting upward to the right Letters sometimes inscrib Letters stamped on meat Letters starting a ship's Letters starting many mil Letters starting naval ca Letters that can't be fou Letters that don't need s Letters that lack stamps Letters that look like tr Letters that make you fee Letters that must be boug Letters that please 42-Do Letters that please an an Letters that please angel Letters to answer? They're most unlike Fatboy Slim in the extreme Let's see those teeth beginning to decay - I weep on failing to contain it Let-down Let-down after excitement Let-up Letch Letdown after awaiting a Lethal Lethal compound Lethal cousin of the cobr Lethal snake Lethal stingers Lethally poisoned ruler, Lethargic Lethargic feeling Lethargic feelings Lethargic guard dropping over time Lethargic, and not ready to go shopping? Letterman lists Letterman of late-night Letterman rival Letterman's last guest on Letterman's network Letterman's nightly list Letterman's rival Letterman, Leno, etc. Letters used in dating Letters used to avoid lis Letters you see to be typed, for example S-K-I-P T-E-ALetters' partner Letters, of a sort Letting contract Letting go, suppressing a sudden pounce Letting out a little laugh, English drunk sounds like a horse Letting stand Letting up Letting-off point: Abbr. Lethargy Lets Lets (up)Lets do it Lets down Lets fly Lets go Lets go of Lets have it Lets in Lets loose Lets mistakes pass Lets off Lets off some steam Lets off steam Lets off steam? Letterman, to Leno Letters Letters above 0Letters accompanying some Letters after a proof Letters after chis Letters after Daniel Moyn Letters after epsilons Letters after Gov. Letters and packages Letters associated with a Letters at a launch Letters at a Nascar race Letters at Buckingham Pal Letters at Camp Lejeune Letters at sea Letters at the beach Letters at the end of a p Letters before a colon, o Letters before a name Letters before a pseudony Letters before a street n Letters before an alias Letters before gimels Letters before Liberty or Letters before many a sta Letters before many state Letters before omegas Letters before tees Letters before xis Letters between a name an Letters between two names Letters ending a PC code Letters exchanged by empl Letters for a duke Letters for a King? Letts do it Lettuce Lettuce arrangement Lettuce dish Lettuce leaves Lettuce or kale Lettuce serving Lettuce unit Lettuce variety Lettuce-munching plodder Leucite source LEUMILevant of levity Levantine land: Abbr. Lets off the hook Lets on Lets or sublets Lets out Lets slip, with "out"Lets the fingers do the t Lets touch these Lets up Letter Letter "Y" wearer Letter abbr. Jeanne Letters after LLetters after many animal Letters after pis Letters after QLetters after two slashes Letters akin to P. Letters for a prince Letters for a prince or p Letters for a psychic Letters for a religious s Letters for Alpha-Bits? Letters in an old date Letters in cyberspace Letters in Icelandic Letters in love letters Letters in many black chu Letters in some church na Letters in some ratings Letters introducing some Letters man read aloud Letters of commerce Letters of compassion Letters of concern Letters of credit Letters of credit? Letters of distress Letters of faux modesty Letters of invitation Letters of patent? Levee breaches Levee feature Levee material Level Level - layer Level - regular Level ... Level best Level connections Level connectors Level in a race Level of car Level of care Level of command Level of hierarchy: Abbr. Letter about shelter leads to easing of tension between nations Letter accompanier: Abbr. Letter addenda Letter addenda, for short Letter addenda: Abbr. Letters for checks Letters for college-bound Letters for enlistees' le Letters for Jesus Letters for Letterman Letters for nine-to-fiver Letters for Old Mac Donald Letters for soldiers Letters for the dear depa Letters found in underwea Letters from a debtor Letters from a mathematic Letters from a short pers Letters from admirers Letters from Athens Letters from Atlanta Letters from Bruno sorted before noon and awaiting delivery Letters from Crete Letters from Greece Letters from Orange Lodge's financial backer Letters from overseas Letters from the Persian Letters hanging on a wall Letters he read out Letters in a line score Letters in a long-distanc Letters in a U. Letters of rejoicing Letters of royalty Letters of sizes Letters of success Letters of surprise, in t Letters of urgency Letters of Zeno Letters often followed by Letters on a B-2Letters on a B-52Letters on a brandy bottl Letters on a bucket Letters on a car sticker Letters on a Cardinal's c Letters on a Cardinals ca Letters on a cognac bottl Letters on a Coppertone b Letters on a cross Letters on a crucifix Letters on a farm? list Letters on an Olympics je Letters on Endeavour Letters on headstone producing tear Letters on letters to sol Letters on many black chu Letters on old rubles Letters on old Russian ma Letters on old Soviet roc Letters on Ozzie Smith's Letters on screens Letters on seconds Letters on some 747's Letters on some churches Letters on some college b Letters on some invitatio Letters on some liners Letters on some lotions Letters on some N. Level of karate expertise Level of modesty Level of nationwide greed Level of quality Level off Level on the evolutionary Level the playing field? Level, in London Level, in taxes Level-headedness Leveled Leveled, in London Leveler Levelers Levelheaded Leveling Leveling devices Leveling in a ring Leveling tool Leveling wedge Levelling out Levels Levels (of a building)Levels - classes Levels of authority Levels of society Levels off, with "out"Levels the odds Levels the score and quits Levels with sticks? brand Lever in a trunk Lever or level Levi Stubbs's group, with Levi's "Christ Stopped at Levi's material Levi's uncle Levi's, e.g. Letter addendum, for shor Letter adornment Letter after beta Letter after Beta in a so Letter after chi Letter after epsilon Letter after eta Letter after gamma Letter after Juliet in a Letter after pee Letter after phi, chi, ps Letter after pi Letter after sierra, in r Letter after sigma Letter after teth Letter after theta Letter after ZLetter after zeta Letter almost mailed to a liberal magazine Letter amount Letter attachments: Abbr. Letters on a food stamp Letters on a Kodak box Letters on a new car stic Letters on a package Letters on a police repor Letters on a poster Letters on a pump, maybe Letters on a RLetters on a scoreboard Letters on a shingle Letters on a Soyuz rocket Letters on a stamp Letters on a telephone bi Letters on a toothpaste t Letters on a wanted poste Letters on an ambulance Letters on an F. Kildare fame Lew Wallace's "Ben-Hur: _Lew Wallace's "Ben-___"Lew who played Dr. Liberal follower Liberal in tailored suit with brief to cause obstruction Liberal is up before Liberal beak Liberal leader in news that is breaking fast Liberal leader then - big shot! Liberal lots will accept as courageous perhaps Liberal ones Liberal party? Letter before "cue"Letter before ar Letter before ba Letter before Beta in a s Letter before beth Letter before delta Letter before epsilon Letter before gee Letter before gimel Letter before iota Letter before kappa Letter before lambda Letter before lima in the Letter before omega Letter before Peter in an Letter before psi Letter before qoph Letter before shin Letter before sigma Letter before tee Letter between eta and io Letter between pi and sig Letter box deposits Letter by German poet accepting doctor's asthma treatment Letter by good American conservative is inconsequential Letter card Letter carrier's assignme Letter carrier's uniform? Kildar Lew, after 1971Lew, now Lewd Lewd material Lewinsky was one Lewis —, Alice author Lewis and Clark expeditio Lewis and Clarke Lewis Carroll and others Lewis Carroll animal Lewis Carroll character w Lewis Carroll creature Lewis Carroll critter Lewis Carroll poem Lewis Carroll's birthplac Lewis in comeback provided one literary genre Lewis of children's TVLewis with 12 Emmys Lewis with Lamb Chop Lewis's mystery-solving p Lewis's partner in an exp Lex and Park, e.g., in N. Liberal academic finds employment Liberal accepted by association, up to a point Liberal American writer upset former European monarch Liberal arts field: Abbr. Liberal avoiding topless place where one can stay the night Liberal – a politician first in local elections Liberal D. group Liberal Democrats initially anger PM, a sin taking more than one seat? Liberal politician, outwardly 'ealthy Liberal pundit with a con Liberal pursuits Liberal side of personality associated with essential part of boy's sex drive Liberal types Liberal, in politics Liberal, informally Liberal, slangily Liberality Liberalize Liberals Liberals, with "the"Liberate Liberated female does get upset Liberates Liberator Liberia's capital Libertine Libertine in Slough or African city Libertine of myth Libertines Liberty Liberty ___ (Lee Marvin r Liberty's campaign to release Dick's partner Libidinous Libidinous deity Libido Libido, in psychiatry Libra's symbol Librairie stock Librarian stifles vocal outburst Librarian's admonition Librarian's advice Librarian's gadget Librarian's imperative Librarian's motto, perhap Librarian, at times Librarian? Library admonishment Library admonition Library area Library book Library book stamp Library byword Library card catalogue ab Library Card Sign-Up Mo. Library cataloging datum, Library catalogue heading Library collection Library copy of a book, c Library device Library extension Library feature Library gadgets Library gizmo Library holding Library IDLibrary indexing abbr. Lex Luthor alter ego, onc Lex Luthor, to Superman Lex of "Superman"Lex. Libelant Libeler, almost by defini Liber ___ (Roman fertilit Liberace fabric Liberace wore them Liberace's instrument Liberace, for one Liberal Liberal 'superiors' initially dismissed N. Library info Library item Library lack Library Lovers' Mo. Library spot Library stamp Library system pioneer Library transactions Library unit Library urging Library volume Library welcoming male member Librarygoer Libretti Librettist for Ruddigore, d. entry Lexicographer Partridge Lexicographer seeking to preserve minority language Lexicographer wearing underpants? Library material Library microfilm Library no-no Library patron Library patrons read them Library receipt info Library ref. Library regular Library science innovator Library section Library section, for shor Library section: Abbr. 1911Librettist loses heart to complete stories, having minimal support from friends Libretto Libretto accompaniment Libreville's land Libya's second-largest ci Libyan city Libyan expanse Libyan money Lic. Lice high on combination of acid and alcohol in cheese Lice-to-be Licence form falsified and filled out with unsourced requirement License License bureau procedures License giver: Abbr. Lexicographer Webster Lexicographer William All Lexicographer's concern Lexicographer's concern: Lexicographer's concert Lexicographer's conclusio Lexicographer's interest Lexicographer, sure to get excited by word for new teeth Lexicographers' researche Lexicographic concern Lexicographic enlightener Lexicographical abbr. Lexicon contents, for sho Lexicon listing Lexicon topic Lexicon with many citatio Lexington Center centerpi Lexus competitor Leyden jar lining Lhasa apso or Labrador Lhasa ___Lhasa ___ (dog)Lhasa ___ (dogs)Lhasa ___ (supposed good Lhasa ___ (Tibetan dogs)Lhasa's land LI doubled Li'l Abner creator Li'l Abner creator Al Li'l Abner's Daisy ___Li'l Abner's love Li'l fellow Li'l one Liabilities Liabilities' opposites Liability Liability's opposite Liability-limiting words Liable Liable but not certain to happen when Gordonstoun's head stops exercising self-restraint Liable to be called Liable to change Liable to error Liable to leak, like a patriotic American hiding nothing Liable to make one scratc Liable to mishaps Liable to snap Liaison Liam and Sam turned out very smelly Liam of "Schindler's List LIARLiar not found out, when appearing in court Lib ranter who upset one of the extended family Lib. License holder License issuer, for short License plate License plates License to drill? License's cost Licensed Licenses Licentious Licentious revel Lichtenstein, for one Licit Lick Lick again Lick cat after skin of terrier Lick of fire Lick up Lick ___ promise Licked Licked boots? Lickety-split Licks Licks soundly Licks, maybe Licks, say Lickspittle Licorice flavor Licorice flavoring Licorice sources Licorice-flavored cordial Licorice-flavored seeds Licorice-scented herb Licorice-tasting seed Licoricelike flavor Lid Lid - which is missing lid? Lid annoyance Lid around a loch Lid attachment Lid decoration? Lid irritation Lid or lip application Lid problem Lid problems Lid swelling Lid trouble Lidded box Lids Lids around lochs Lie Lie (slang)Lie a lot Lie about Irish town and county Lie about issue over current omission Lie about providing effervescent tonic Lie about side causing bad feeling Lie about taking cocaine, creating an ostentatious display Lie alongside of Lie around Malta getting wild Lie around the whole time? It's unbelievable Lie at rest Lie atop Lie back Lie back when listening Lie back, following strike Lie detector Lie detector alternative Lie down Lie down on the job? Lie given in order to entice Lie idle too long Lie in bed, say Lie in pleasing surroundi Lie in store for Lie in the sun Lie in the sun with sunta Lie in wait Lie low Lie low when king's in a bad mood Lie next to Lie on the beach Lie on the beach, perhaps Lie on the beach, say Lie peacefully Lie shown up by relative Lie to (someone)Lie to, in nautical lingo Lie unobserved Lie with vertebra broken —one may get back something like this? Lie with young lady on top Lie, slangily Lie-abed Liechtenstein's language Liechtenstein's locale Liechtenstein's western b Lied, perhaps, about cracking case of shoplifting Lied, say, with boy about drug, causing a fuss Lieder, chansons etc Liepaja resident Lies Lies about opposition leader suppressed by attacking moves Lies against Lies along the waterfront Lies comfortably Lies down Lies in the summer sun Lies in the sun Lies in wait Lies limply Lies low Lies next to Lies on the beach Lies together? Life ___Life's blueprint Life's founder Life's partner Life's strange turns Life's work Life, for one Life, in brief Life, in short Life, in the early days Life, liberty and the pur Life-altering people? Lies, perhaps Lieu Lieutenant Lieutenant in "The Fugiti Lieutenant initially entering HQ in Swiss city Lieutenant of Capone Lieutenant: Abbr. Life stories Life stories on film Life stories, for short Life story Life story, for short Life story, in brief Life support? : Ab Life-and-death Life-changing statement Life-giving gas Life-giving principles Life-or-death Life-or-death matter: Abb Life-or-death situation Life-saving operations Life-saving skill, for sh Life-saving team Life-support system Life-threatening Lifeblood Lifeboat crane Lifeboat hoist Lifeboat item Lifeboat lowerer Lifeboat support Lifeguard's equipment Lifeguard's skill, for sh Lifeguard's watch Lifeguard, at times Lifeguard, sometimes Lifeguards wear them Lifeguards' dangers Lifeless Lifeless, old-style Lifelike LIFELINELifeline site Lifeline's location Lifeline, maybe Lifelong friend of Truman Lifer's beef? Life Life alternative Life apt to be nasty in dingy, dirty building Life choices Life force, in Eastern ph Life force, to an acupunc Life force, to Freud Life form Life form of some peculiar variety Life imitator Life in a library Life in general Life instinct, to Freud Life insurance form Life jacket Life jacket, e.g. Lifer's comment at the po Lifer's dream Lifers, e.g. Life jacket; film star Life jackets Life line Life lines? Life saver Life Saver flavor Life saver, for short Life saver? Lifesaver Lifesaver shapes Lifesaver, at times Lifesaver, briefly Lifesaver, e.g. Life magazine staple Life of a region Life of Cicero Life of Riley Life of the party Life of ___Life on a slide Life on other planets? Lifesaver, of a sort Lifesaver, say Lifesavers of a kind Life Savers producer Lifesavers, for short Lifesavers, maybe: Abbr. One's right to start off sceptical Life overseas Life partner Life partner? Lifesavers, say Lifesaving equipment Lifesaving team, for shor Lifestyle Lifestyle devoted to pleasure Lifetime Oscar winner Kaz Lifework Lift Lift (a hat)Lift (up)Lift beams, did you say? Lift card Lift Democrat offensive Lift for two Lift furrow to pinch vegetable Lift handle? Lift high Lift in Aspen Lift innovator Lift off Lift one's spirits? Lift provided by Wonderbra is excellent Lift provider Lift sharply Lift the spirits of Lift up Lift up features, miss out to see sweet thing Lift weights Lift with effort Lift, as ice cubes Lift, of a sort Lift, so to speak Lift, with power failing, to move slowly Lifted Lifted off the launch pad Lifted, so to speak Lifter Lifter's asset Lifter's occupational haz Lifter's rippler Lifter-upper Lifters count them Lifting Lifting device Lifting devices hung from Lifting positions inspiring one exercise Lifting units Liftoff preceder Lifts Lifts nose to inhale, then drink Lifts up Lifts upright Lifts, in a way Lifts, stateside Ligature of vowels Light Light (into)Light a fire under Light aeroplane conveying unionist spokeswoman Light afternoon meal Light air Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation Light anchor Light and delicate Light and filmy Light and fine in texture Light and frothy Light and open Light and sweet, maybe Light arrays Light as a feather Light automatic rifle Light bark Light beam Light beams Light beer Light beige Light bender Light biscuit Light biscuits Light bite Light bites Light blade Light blue Light blue shades Light breeze Light brown Light brown - horse Light brown colour Light brown shade Light brown spread Light brown vapour ultimately fatal Light bulb choice Light bulb gas Light bulb holders Light bulb inventor Light bulb inventor's ini Light bulb over one's t Light bulb power Light bulb unit Light bulb units Light bulb's significatio Light bulb, figuratively Light bulb, in cartoons Light cake Light carriage Light carriage with a fol Light case Light classical pieces Light colour for soot? Light construction materi Light controller Light cotton fabric Light creamy dessert Light custard Light dessert Light detectors Light dish at a Halloween Light dispersers Light displayed in fort or chapel Light dressing gown Light drink taken outside at end of evening, enjoying posh tent holiday? Light earth tone Light eater at the henhou Light exercises designed for general fitness Light fabric with a crinkled surface Light fabric; pancake Light fall of snow Light figure Light figures? Light fire, as an alternative to central heating, to raise temperature Light flux units Light food outlet Light for high winds Light form of lava Light French red wine Light from a halo Light from a headlight Light from a lantern, say Light from a lightning bu Light from above Light gas Light gases Light gold carriage Light golden lager Light green Light green plums Light greenish blue Light greenish-blue Light hair color Light hammer part Light hand stroke Light hauler Light haulers Light head? Light horse-drawn carriag Light hue Light in a bad way Light in a floodlight Light in a light show Light in colour Light in night-time’s outside, operating Light Infantry in degrading defeat Light into Light is moving away from flower Light Italian bread made with olive oil Light kiss Light lager Light left on before service Light limiter Light line Light lunch Light lunches Light machine gun Light material? Light meal Light measures Light melody Light mixer Light modifiers Light motor cycle Light motorcycle Light muffin Light musical seen back in latter epoch Light musical work Light narrow boat Light of one's life Light of the moon Light on Broadway Light on one's feet Light on the set: Var. Light on the stove Light open lorry with low sides and a tailboard Light open-toed shoe Light opening? Light palm product Light pastry Light pastry; advert Light perfume Light planes Light pop Light provider Light purple Light purplish red Light pushchair Light ratio in astronomy Light reading? Light reddish-brown Light reddish-yellow Light reflection ratio Light reflector Light refractor Light refrain Light rhythms Light ring Light rock songs Light rope-soled shoe Light sailboat at a hotel Light sailing ship Light savoury dish Light seat for two or more Light seeker's question Light seen in Kent orchard Light shade Light shade of red Light shades Light shoes Light show Light sky, maybe Light sleep Light sleeper Light smoke Light snack Light source Light stuff Light suit's outside garment Light switch settings Light switch surrounder Light switcher? Light tan Light tanker Light texture's back in flesh Light that oozes Light throw Light touch LIGHT TOUCH ___ BELL PEPPLight tune Light TV fare Light umbrella to ward off the sun Light unit half finishes beneath chimney Light up Light up at a dance? Light up in a bar Light warning bank's not opened Light weaponry? Light-hearted Light-heartedness Light-Horse Harry's surna Light-Horse Harry, for on Light-mindedness? Light weight Light white wine Light wind Light wind? Light years away Light yellow Light yellowish green Light yellowish-pink Light, happy tune Light, in Lima Light, maybe Light, one-seated carriag Light, porous volcanic rock Light, rich sponge cakes Light, say Light, white wine Light, with "to"Light-bending glass Light-blocking Light-brown Light-colored Light-colored beer or the Light-colored stogie Light-feather filler? Light-refracting crystal Light-sensitive tissue fellow removed from fine art display Light-show light Light-skinned Light: Prefix Lighted sign Lighted sign above a door Lighted sign in a theater Lighted sign over a door Lighted stacks Lighten Lighten (up)Lighten a line with float (not first time)Lighten up? Lighten, as a burden Lightened Lightened (up)Lightened one's billfold Lightener Lightens Lightens up Lighter Lighter alternative Lighter and pen maker Lighter brand Lighter cargo Lighter carpet in fact, yes terribly, and hard Lighter charge Lighter company Lighter feature Lighter fill Lighter fuel Lighter fuels Lighter grip, one's loose Lighter handle? Lighter maker Lighter of the Olympic fl Lighter offense? Lighter option Lighter producer Lighter ___ air Lighter-than-air aircraft Lighter-than-air craft Lighter? Lightest of all elements Lightest-colored Lightheaded Lightheaded people? Lighthearted Lighthouse light Lighthouse locale Lighthouse locales Lighthouse site, maybe Lighthouse sites Lighting director's choic Lighting director? Lighting gas Lighting jobs Lighting of a torch Lighting specialist, info Lightly and quickly, in m Lightly apply Lightly bite Lightly box Lightly brand Lightly burn Lightly coloured Lightly cooked Lightly maul Lightly moisten Lightly pinch Lightly sprayed Lightly touches Lightly-perfumed liquid Lightman who wrote "Einst Lightning Bolt Lightning bolts, in Germa Lightning catchers Lightning flash Lightning org. Lightning sound Lightning-fast Bolt Lights Lights (into)Lights in HMP Slade out around one Lights into Lights on posts, perhaps Lights out Lights out, so to speak Lights up LIGHTS! Almost completely Lights-out activity Lightsaber wielder Lightsaber-wielding hillb Lightweight anorak Lightweight antitank gun Lightweight cotton fabric Lightweight directors from company set it back Lightweight garment Lightweight hat Lightweight helmet, in In Lightweight road vehicles Lightweight wood Ligurian capital Ligurian Sea feeder Liike a downpour Likable Likable prez Like Like Like "10," but not "9"Like "Aida"Like "American Beauty"Like "be": Abbr. Like "Beowulf," in brief Like "Brokeback Mountain"Like "chariot of fire" fo Like "chow" vis-Like "Cinema Paradiso"Like "das" in Ger. Like "Don Juan"Like "E pluribus unum"Like "el" or "le": Abbr. Like "enow" or "erst"Like "Frankenstein"Like "fuzz" for "police"Like "Goosebumps" stories Like "Goosebumps" tales Like "Green Acres"Like "Have a nice day! "Like "Have a nice day"Like "hot-diggity"Like "it"Like "King Kong" and "Psy Like "King Lear"Like "la vida" in song Like "Lady Chatterley's LLike "Lawrence of Arabia"Like "like," nowadays Like "m" or "n," to lingu Like "Macbeth"Like "Mir Like "O"Like "Othello"Like "Paradise Lost"Like "Romeo and Juliet"Like "scaloppine"Like "see," in grammar: ALike "sh" or "ch" sounds Like "Spring" from Vivald Like "Star Wars"Like "Survivor" councils Like "The Bonfire of the Like "The Godfather"Like "The Twilight Zone" Like "The X-Files"Like "The Zoo Story," e.g Like "to be": Abbr. Like "waitperson"Like "War and Peace"Like "Water Music"? Like 007Like 007's martinis Like 1, 3 or 7Like 1, 3, 5, 7 ... Like 1, but not ILike 1, not ILike 1,001 nights Like 10 and 27, not all recurring Like 10, but not XLike 10-watt bulbs Like 100, but not 99 or 1Like 101 courses Like 101, to 102? Like 12, passed as fair Like 12-hour clocks Like 16 vis-Like 1950's recordings Like 1990's NATO expansio Like 20-, 25- and 43-Acro Like 24-karat gold Like 3, 13 and 17, in first of poems by Frost Like 30% of the world's l Like 36 piano keys Like or a.m., s Like 60Like 60% of the world's p Like 70's fashion, now Like 9 across Like 90, compared to 85Like 911: Abbr. Like a "M*A*S*H" characte Like a "Ripley's Believe Like a return on a Like a 10Like a 1943 copper penny Like a 3-4-5 triangle Like a 4-4 score Like a 45Like a 500-pounder Like a 911 call: Abbr. Like a B'way hit Like a baby in a highchai Like a baby with dimples, Like a baby's bottom, oft Like a bad apple Like a bad dirt road Like a bad spray-on tan Like a bagel Like a baguette Like a bairn Like a ball retrieved by Like a ballerina Like a ballerina's body Like a band of Amazons Like a bare floor Like a baseball pitch Like a basset Like a basset hound Like a beach Like a beanpole Like a beat cop Like a beautiful night sk Like a beauty queen Like a beaver Like a beer? Nothing left for adult, mildly drunk Like a bell Like a Bentley that's rea Like a beret, usually Like a best friend Like a bialy Like a big brother Like a big grin Like a bike chain, usuall Like a billiard table cus Like a billionaire's pock Like a birdie Like a bishop's authority Like a black hole Like a blackboard eraser Like a blind spot? Like a bloodhound Like a blue rose Like a blue state Like a bluff Like a bobcat vis-Like a body in Newton's f Like a body temperature o Like a bodybuilder Like a bog Like a bogey Like a bogey or double bo Like a bond you can buy w Like a bone from the elbo Like a bookie joint, mayb Like a boomerang Like a boxer before a bou Like a boy desiring his mother Like a boy left with his dad unusually Like a brainiac Like a brand-new fountain Like a brawny kegler's ba Like a breadmaker's hands Like a break-in at a burg Like a brig Like a brigadier general Like a bright night Like a British sovereign Like a brogue Like a bubble bath Like a bucket in an old s Like a bucket of bolts Like a bug in a rug Like a bug in a rug, acco Like a bully Like a bump on a log Like a bump on ___Like a bunch Like a bungee cord Like a Burns acquaintance Like a Burnsian mouse Like a busy freighter, taking line to port Like a busybody Like a butterfingers Like a buttinsky Like a button Like a bygone empire Like a candidate for hair Like a candle Like a candle night after Like a candlelight dinner Like a Car and Driver car Like a car with 20,000 mi Like a carpet Like a Carreras concert Like a cat burglar Like a cat playing in cat Like a cat's existence? Like a celebrity Like a centenarian Like a certain attraction Like a certain avis Like a certain band Like a certain baroness, attacks witches hanging around with baron Like a certain birthstone Like a certain complex Like a certain computer n Like a certain court Like a certain evil Like a certain football k Like a certain govt. Like a certain musical sc Like a certain number Like a certain number sys Like a certain one in lin Like a certain order Like a certain power Like a certain route Like a certain sax Like a certain side Like a certain unpopular Like a certain vein Like a champion bodybuild Like a child's drawing of Like a chimney sweep Like a Chippendales dance Like a chunky person's be Like a churl Like a cigar bar Like a classical Greek th Like a clear night sky Like a clear sky Like a clear-cut area Like a clock that has han Like a clock with hands Like a close neighbor Like a cloudless night Like a clover leaf Like a club, maybe Like a cob Like a coincidence that r Like a cold fish Like a cold seat on the gravy train? Like a combination lock Like a compliant cat Like a computer icon Like a con artist's busin Like a cool cat Like a corkscrew Like a cotton farm, e.g. Griffith fil Like a Dagwood sandwich Like a Dali watch Like a damp cellar Like a day-old baguette Like a Dean Koontz novel Like a decal Like a defendant Like a defense contractor Like a delta Like a depth finder Like a desert Like a designated driver Like a despot, typically Like a difficult order Like a dime Like a dire situation Like a disappointing golf Like a doctor's patients Like a dog Like a door after a raid Like a double-decker chec Like a dove Like a dragon Like a drain after a drai Like a dream Like a drop of paint beginning to brighten foyer Like a dropout Like a dryer trap Like a duck it rises, cutting a duck's cry short Like a dust bowl Like a ewer Like a failure Like a fair ball as oppos Like a family man Like a farm Like a fashionista Like a fast driver Like a Fed Ex package Like a fedora crown Like a fianc Like a fiddle Like a fiddle? Like a couch potato Like a coxcomb Like a crone Like a crossword Like a crow or lark Like a crucifix Like a cup, Mr, of icy lacquer? Like a fig Like a fireplace Like a first draft Like a first-place ribbon Like a first-time tournam Like a flan Like a flea-market Gucci, Like a fleabag Like a flu sufferer, ofte Like a fly reel Like a foil Like a folk tale Like a fop Like a foreboding sky Like a form of journalism exposing malpractice Like a former 97-pound we Like a foundling Like a four-leaf clover Like a fox Like a foxglove Like a free agent Like a friar's food Like a Friday crossword Like a fridge decoration Like a fry-up — grand, right and simple Like a fuzzy computer ima Like a G. peeling spuds Like a galley Like a game heading into Like a game in which batt Like a game overtime Like a gardener's pants Like a gargoyle Like a gas gauge just bef Like a gateway, often Like a gemologist's drink Like a ghost ship Like a ghost's howling Like a ghostwriter Like a gift for the listener, spellbound Like a gin fizz Like a golf ball Like a golf ball in the r Like a good argument Like a good bond Like a good building deve Like a good cake Like a good day for a pic Like a good deal for both Like a good debater's arg Like a good egg Like a good golf score Like a good guard Like a good listener Like a good looker Like a good lounge chair Like a good mixer Like a good singer Like a good speaking voic Like a good subject Like a good-sized woods, Like a good-sounding pian Like a gossip column Like a Gothic arch Like a Granny Smith apple Like a great deal Like a great stylist Puritans love madly Like a greenhorn Like a grenade reaching a Like a gridiron Like a grove Like a guardian Like a gull Like a gymnast Like a habanero pepper Like a Hail Mary pass Like a hair shirt Like a harvest moon Like a haunted house Like a have-not Like a he-man Like a heap Like a hermit Like a highway Like a hippie's hair Like a hit B'way show Like a hit show Like a home that's no ris Like a home, often, befor Like a horror flick Like a horror movie Like a horse or lion Like a horseshoe Like a hot club, informal Like a hottie Like a hound Like a house that's of in Like a house ___Like a housecat's no-no? Like a hunk Like a husband or wife being spoilt, one gathered Like a jack-o'-lantern Like a Jaguar or Miata Like a jam Like a Jekyll/Hyde person Like a jiggermast Like a judge with robes in disarray Like a junker's engine Like a junkyard car Like a kangaroo court Like a keeper of confiden Like a kid at the circus Like a kid with spin cont Like a kindly uncle Like a king Like a King novel: Var. Like a lace collar, maybe Like a lamb Like a landowner Like a later draft, presu Like a lawn at dawn Like a leading wind Like a lecher Like a legal pad Like a lemon Like a leopard Like a liberal arts educa Like a Liberty gold coin Like a lime Like a line Like a line, briefly Like a line, in brief Like a line, in math Like a lion Like a lion or horse Like a lion's coat Like a literary Dodger Like a literary prince Like a little old lady in Like a lizard Like a lizard's skin Like a load Like a lobster Like a locked lavatory Like a London jurist Like a long journey, taking days, eons, possibly Like a lord or lady Like a lot Like a lot of Australia Like a lot of nostalgia, become fixed in memory by degrees, initially Like a lot, maybe Like a lout Like a lover, visibly embarrassed after fuss Like a luxury car Like a MLike a mai tai Like a major artery Like a malfeasant, often Like a mama's boy? Like a man from Spain, but without his fear Like a mandolin Like a manly man Like a mansard roof Like a maple leaf Like a March wind Like a maverick Like a Mc Job Like a mean dog Like a mechanic's hands Like a medusa Like a Mel Brooks movie Like a melody Like a melon Like a member of the fold Like a member of the U. Like a mensch Like a message in a bottl Like a Miata Like a mild earthquake, m Like a milquetoast Like a mirror Like a mirror image: Abbr Like a mite Like a monster Like a moonscape Like a moonstone Like a morning meadow Like a mountain goat Like a Mountie Like a movie, to a critic Like a mud puddle Like a mule Like a multipurpose tool, Like a Muscovite at 5 p.m Like a native Like a neat yard Like a neglected lawn Like a nerd Like a net Like a new dollar bill Like a new parent Like a new recruit Like a New York/Los Angel Like a news bulletin Like a next-door neighbor Like a no-hitter Like a Nosy Parker Like a nudnik Like a nun in church - able to get involved with it Like a pageant winner Like a painter Like a painter's smock Like a palooka Like a pancake Like a pancake? Like a par 5 hole vis-Like a paradise Like a paramecium Like a parent who can't b Like a pariah Like a patchwork quilt Like a penis Like a perfect game Like a person who has fal Like a petty officer: Abb Like a photon Like a pickpocket's finge Like a picnic Like a pie chart Like a pig in a pen Like a pinup Like a pitcher's dream ga Like a pitcher's perfect Like a pittance Like a planetary orbit Like a platform diver's d Like a platypus? Like a Playboy Playmate Like a Playmate Like a Playmate of the Mo Like a pleasant aroma Like a plum pudding Like a poison pen letter? Like a polo shirt Like a pomegranate Like a pool table, ideall Like a poor tennis player Like a poorly mixed recor Like a pop fly Like a pope, old-style Like a popular Beethoven Like a portion of some pe Like a post-fender-bender Like a postscript Like a pothook Like a prefall Humpty Dum Like a pregnancy Like a prison window Like a prisoner as part of a team Like a prize-winning witc Like a professional hairc Like a prom Like a proper rescuee Like a proverbial 10Like a punished G. I., per Like a quark Like a quidnunc Like a rabbit's foot or f Like a rabbit's foot, sup Like a rabbit, say, albeit modified in corporeal form Like a rainbow Like a rare baseball game Like a rare game Like a raspberry bush ste Like a rat in ___Like a rat's eyes Like a ravine Like a really big shoe Like a really good game f Like a recluse Like a record Like a relative notified Like a relatively minor f Like a requiem Like a revealing skirt, m Like a river bottom Like a road in a Frost po Like a robin's egg Like a roc Like a rock Like a Rolek watch Like a romantic dinner Like a romantic evening, Like a Romeo's adventures Like a roofer's drinks? Like a rowboat that's adr Like a saber Like a sad sack Like a samaritan's help Like a sarong Like a sauna room Like a saw's edge Like a score of 10 for 10Like a score of 10 of a p Like a score of 10 out of Like a Scottish young 'un Like a serape Like a series finale? 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