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Write custom personal essay on donald trump Popular essay. Day that a former work colleague gets retweeted by the president of the United States. Last Friday, Rob Goldman, a vice president inside Facebook’s Ads team, rather ill-advisedly published a series of tweets that seemed to confirm the Trump administration’s allegations regarding the recent indictments of 13 Russian nationals by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. To wit, the tweets said that the online advertising campaign led by the shadowy Internet Research Agency was meant to divide the American people, Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) is an Ideas contributor for WIRED. Before turning to writing, he dropped out of a doctoral program in physics to work on Goldman Sachs’ credit trading desk, then joined the Silicon Valley startup world, where he founded his own startup (acquired by Twitter in 2011), and finally joined Facebook’s early monetization team, where he headed its targeting efforts. His 2016 memoir, You’re probably skeptical of Rob’s claim, and I don’t blame you. The world looks very different to people outside the belly of Facebook’s monetization beast. But when you’re on the inside, like Rob is and like I was, and you have access to the revenue dashboards detailing every ring of the cash register, your worldview tends to follow what advertising data can and cannot tell you. From this worldview, it's still not clear how much influence the IRA had with its Facebook ads (which, as others have pointed out, is just one small part of the huge propaganda campaign that Mueller is currently investigating). But no matter how you look at them, Russia’s Facebook ads were almost certainly less consequential than the Trump campaign’s mastery of two critical parts of the Facebook advertising infrastructure: The ads auction, and a benign-sounding but actually Orwellian product called Custom Audiences (and its diabolical little brother, Lookalike Audiences). Both of which sound incredibly dull, until you realize that the fate of our 242-year-old experiment in democracy once depended on them, and surely will Facebook, the ads auction is a version of something Google built first. As on Google, Facebook has a piece of ad real estate that it’s auctioning off, and potential advertisers submit a piece of ad creative, a targeting spec for their ideal user, and a bid for what they’re willing to pay to obtain a desired response (such as a click, a like, or a comment). Rather than simply reward that ad position to the highest bidder, though, Facebook uses a complex model that considers both the dollar value of each bid as well as how good a piece of clickbait (or view-bait, or comment-bait) the corresponding ad is. If Facebook’s model thinks your ad is 10 times more likely to engage a user than another company’s ad, then your effective bid at auction is considered 10 times higher than a company willing to pay the same dollar amount. A canny marketer with really engaging (or outraging) content can goose their effective purchasing power at the ads auction, piggybacking on Facebook’s estimation of their clickbaitiness to win many more auctions (for the same or less money) than an unengaging competitor. That’s why, if you’ve noticed a News Feed ad that’s pulling out all the stops (via provocative stock photography or other gimcrackery) to get you to click on it, it’s partly because the advertiser is aiming to pump up their engagement levels and increase their exposure, all without paying any more money. During the run-up to the election, the Trump and Clinton campaigns bid ruthlessly for the same online real estate in front of the same swing-state voters. But because Trump used provocative content to stoke social media buzz, and he was better able to drive likes, comments, and shares than Clinton, his bids received a boost from Facebook’s click model, effectively winning him more media for less money. In essence, Clinton was paying Manhattan prices for the square footage on your smartphone’s screen, while Trump was paying Detroit prices. Facebook users in swing states who felt Trump had taken over their news feeds may not have been hallucinating.(Speaking of Manhattan vs. Detroit prices, there are some (very nonmetaphorical) differences in media costs across the country that also impacted Trump’s ability to reach voters. Broadly, advertising costs in rural, out-of-the-way areas are considerably less than in hotly contested, dense urban areas. Belmont County, Ohio (a rural county Trump comfortably won). As each campaign tried to mobilize its base, largely rural Trump voters were probably cheaper to reach than Clinton’s urban voters. Actual media costs are closely guarded secrets, but Facebook’s own advertiser tools can give us some ballpark estimates. For zip code 43950 (covering the county seat of St. Clairsville, Ohio), Facebook estimates an advertiser can show an ad to about 83 people per dollar. For zip code 19144 in the Philly suburbs, that number sinks to 50 people an ad for every dollar of ad spend. Averaged over lots of time and space, the impacts on media budgets can be sizable. Anyway …)The above auction analysis is even more true for News Feed, which is only based on engagement, with every user mired in a self-reinforcing loop of engagement, followed by optimized content, followed by more revealing engagement, then more content, ad infinitum. The candidate who can trigger that feedback loop ultimately wins. (Full disclosure: I was the original product manager for Custom Audiences, and along with a team of other product managers and engineers, I launched the first versions of Facebook precision targeting in the summer of 2012, in those heady and desperate days of the IPO and sudden investor expectation.)Despite folklore about “selling your data,” most Facebook advertisers couldn’t care less about your Likes, your drunk college photos, or your gossipy chats with a boyfriend. Registered for an email newsletter or used your email as login somewhere? Ordered something to a postal address known to merchants and marketers? Here’s how it works in practice: A campaign manager takes a list of emails or other personal data for people they think will be susceptible to a certain type of messaging (e.g. The Like button is our new ballot box, and democracy has been transformed into an algorithmic popularity contest. What advertisers want to do is find the person who left a product unpurchased in an online shopping cart, just used a loyalty card to buy diapers at Safeway, or registered as a Republican voter in Stark County, Ohio (a swing county in a swing state). It’s the tunnel beneath the data wall that allows the outside world into Facebook’s well-protected garden, and it’s like that by design. people in Florida who donated money to Trump For America). They upload that spreadsheet to Facebook via the Ads Manager tool, and Facebook scours its user data, looks for users who match the uploaded spreadsheet, and turns the matches into an “Audience,” which is really just a set of Facebook users. Facebook can also populate an audience by reading a user’s cookies—those digital fragments gathered through a user’s wanderings around the web. Half the bizarre conspiracy theories around Facebook targeting boil down to you leaving a data trail somewhere inside our consumer economy that was then uploaded via Custom Audiences. In the language of database people, there’s now a “join” between the Facebook user ID (that’s you) and this outside third-party who knows what you bought, browsed, or who you voted for (probably). That join is permanent, irrevocable, and will follow you to every screen where you’ve used Facebook. But only when you’ve built a Custom Audience can you build Lookalike Audiences— the most unknown, poorly understood, and yet powerful weapon in the Facebook ads arsenal. With a mere mouse click from our hypothetical campaign manager, Facebook now searches the friends of everyone in the Custom Audience, trying to find everyone who (wait for it) “looks like” you. Using a witches’ brew of mutual engagement—probably including some mix of shared page Likes, interacting with similar News Feed or Ads content, a score used to measure your social proximity to friends—the Custom Audience is expanded to a bigger set of like-minded people. Lookalikes.(Another way to picture it: Your social network resembles a nutrient-rich petri dish, just sitting out in the open. Custom Audiences helps mercenary marketers find that dish, and lets them plant the bacterium of a Facebook post inside it. From there, your own interaction with the meme, which is echoed in News Feed, spreads it to your immediate vicinity. Lookalike Audiences finishes the job by pushing it to the edges of your social petri dish, to everyone whose tastes and behaviors resemble yours. The net result is a network overrun by an infectious meme, dutifully placed there by an advertiser, and spread by the ads and News Feed machinery.)We’ve all contributed to this political balkanization by self-sorting (or being sorted by Facebook) into online tribes that get morphed into filter bubbles, which are then studiously colonized by commercial memes planted and spread there by a combination of Custom and Lookalike Audiences. One of the ways the Trump campaign leveraged Lookalike Audiences was through its voter suppression campaigns among likely Clinton voters. They seeded the Audiences assembly line with content about Clinton that was engaging but dispiriting. This is one of the ways that Trump won the election, by the very tools that were originally built to help companies like Bed Bath & Beyond sell you towels. Unsurprisingly, the Russians also apparently made use of Custom Audiences in their ads campaign. The unwary clicker on a Russian ad who then visited their propaganda site suddenly could find yet more planted content in their Feed, which could generate downstream engagement in Feed, and thus the great Facebook wheel turned. The scale of their spend was puny, however, a measly 0,000, which pales in comparison to the millions Trump spent on online advertising. The above isn’t mere informed speculation, the Trump campaign admitted to its wide use of both Custom and Lookalike audiences. There seems to be little public coverage of whether the Clinton campaign used Facebook Ads extensively, but there’s no reason to think her campaign did not exploit the same tools.“I always wonder why people in politics act like this stuff is so mystical,” Brad Parscale, the leader of the Trump data effort, told reporters in late 2016. “It’s the same shit we use in commercial, just has fancier names.”He’s absolutely right. None of this is even novel: It’s merely best practice for any smart Facebook advertiser. ) years ago, marketed publicly at the time, and only now is becoming a mainstream talking point. The ads auction has been studied by marketers and academics for even longer. The only surprise is how surprising it can still seem to many. If we’re going to reorient our society around Internet echo chambers, with Facebook and Twitter serving as our new Athenian , then we as citizens should understand how that forum gets paid for. Rarely will the owners of that now-privatized space deign to explain how they’re keeping the lights on. Plotting Russians make for a good story, and external enemies frequently serve an internal purpose, but the trail of blame often leads much closer to home. It’s right there, topped by a big, blue bar on our smartphone screens, and could very well be how you arrived at what you’re reading right now. Update (February 27, 2018): In an unusual move, Andrew ' Boz' Bosworth, former VP of Facebook Ads, posted average CPMs for both the Clinton and Trump campaigns this afternoon. The figures are national averages over time, and while they fluctuate wildly, they mostly show the Trump campaign paying more on a CPM basis than Clinton. While interesting, and the transparency of Facebook is admirable, the data only refute the rather strong statement that Trump always and everywhere paid less. By and large, these data do not confirm or deny the hypotheses contained in this piece. The data that Facebook needs to show us are average CPMs broken down by targeting type, action type (e.g., clicks or likes), and geography. The first two would help distinguish direct-response campaigns, which typically are precision targeted and high CPM, from more brand-style ad campaigns that are broadly targeted and low CPM. Combining the data from both styles of campaign—which broadly define the two types that advertisers undertake—can be very deceptive, and the two campaign types need to be judged separately. Furthermore, a breakdown by geography would help determine whether another assertion made in this piece is correct: That Trump paid less to mobilize his base than Hillary. Obviously, combining data nationwide makes this very hard to figure out. Reportedly, Facebook has asked the campaigns to be more forthcoming with data. As it's in both those campaigns' interests at this point, one can only hope they do so. Dissertation, writing ; Essay. write custom personal essay on donald trump. that a family, where there is one earner having 20,000 and 200,000, would have to pay higher taxes, than nowadays. Custom academic essay editor website gb

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How Trump Conquered Facebook Without Russian Ads WIRED He made people speak about him and he did not care what people said about him, whether they said good or bad things about his ideas and himself as the candidate. Donald Trump is very confident and has an enormous ego, which has helped him throughout his career. He also invested in the casino business in Atlantic City and New Jersey. Everyone exhibits specific responses to both internal and external stimuli. On the basis of the plan, offered by Trump, there is a high risk that a family, where there is one earner having 20,000 and 200,000, would have to pay higher taxes, than nowadays. An example would be if we view the world and people around us as friendly and safe, then we would find it easy to engage with others for advice. In such a context, Donald Trump has revealed his hypocrisy as he made populist claims, while his only goal was to win the campaign at all costs because many of his claims are simply impossible to realize and make the new American dream promoted. Eysenck determined that all people could be categorized into two groups: neurotic and extrovert-introvert. As early as the second grade, he punched his music teacher and gave him a black eye. Rogers claims that if you feel smart and/or think that you are smart, then it becomes part of your self-concept. Trump also stated that he was for gun control, still analysing the shift of his views, it is possible to state that his attitude towards this issues used to be different. Attending the military academy was the turning point in Donalds life, where he began to develop his personality and become the Donald Trump the world knows today. Moreover, his sheer populism was probably the only possible option for him to win the Presidential election because he had no government experience. They are placed into task teams and each week are assigned a task which requires selecting a project manager for the task. Jung also stated that people look for those that are like themselves, and much of that influence comes from our parents. He has never given up throughout the campaign, even when his loss seemed to be very close. He has always surrounded himself with beautiful women regardless of the fact that many believe he is not all that handsome. In his youth, Donald was pretty wild and rambunctious. This ego carries over to Donald Trumps personal relationships in dealing with women as well as business associates. Allport also believed that humans act on the tendency to satisfy basic survival needs, which he referred to as opportunistic functioning, and that most of what we do in life is what makes us who we are. On the one hand, he promised American people to make America great again, while, on the other hand, he suggested ideas that contradicted to fundamental principles of American democracy that actually made America really great, like the discriminatory sayings in regard to Muslims and women. He wanted people and media speak about him and he made a great success in his efforts. One level is the desire to preserve and enhance oneself, also known as the physical level, and the higher level, the psychological level, is to seek out new experiences, master new skills, quit boring jobs, and find more exciting ones. Retrieved April 26, 2006, from All Psych Online: The Virtual Psychology Classroom Website:. Donald likes to be closely involved in every aspect of his business. Trump summed up his future in these few words, Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken. Trump s campaign, as well as personal income taxes should. Trump commented this in the following way: I have evolved on many issues. He has had a lifelong aversion to germs and is a self-professed germ-phobic. The lady gave birth to one more child a girl named Tiffany. He came to learn that he could get the best deals purchasing foreclosed buildings through a government agency because they just wanted to get rid of the building as fast as possible. However, recently he has had exceptions for victims of rape, incest and where the mothers life is at risk. He decided to join the presidential race after his 69th birthday. Mass media has already commented about the position of Trump, naming him populist, because the approaches of Trump used to be different, sometimes even controversial. With that in mind, young Trump moved to Manhattan in order to join the local exclusive club, where the only condition set by its members was that Donald did not steal beautiful wives of the older members of the club. The assurance to ease the strife of unemployment is a tactic Trump used because he gathered local support in order to succeed in the development of his project. However, in this crowd, Donald Trump outshines the others. It was through the efforts and talents of Trump, that he became one of the most successful and influential landlords of the era of 80s. And Philly com Search help writing esl custom essay on donald trump the world s information. Thirdly, this paper will highlight the contributions of Adlers theory of the superiority complex, the Machiavellian theory of interpersonal theorists, and Banduras social learning theory. As well as ingratiation for personal gain (Flett, 2007). Feb 23, 2018. Why Russia's Facebook ads were less important to Trump's victory than. Before turning to writing, he dropped out of a doctoral program in. and a bid for what they're willing to pay to obtain a desired response. Custom Audiences helps mercenary marketers find that dish, and. 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